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Infographic-People Who Changed the World

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I got an email this morning from one Mr.John (tech-faq) requesting to place this infographic on my blog. It is really informative and awesome. Isn’t it? I’m really happy to share this infographic with my readers. I shared the youtube video along with the infographic. If you love this infographic, then please pin it and share it on your social profiles so that more people can know about it.

Successful dropouts

The infographic looks at the achievements of 8 successful dropouts who contributed to the globalization of technologies. The Wright Brothers created the first airplane and helped connect the world. Thomas Edison is an inventor and businessman who developed the mimeograph, electrographic vote recorder, carbon telephone, and fruit preserver. Microsoft Mogul Bill Gates is a philanthropist and businessman who invests in different businesses, including construction, auto retail, and others. Paul Allen is a co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle SeaHawks. Steve Jobs patented the Power Mac, power adapter, magic mouse, and iPod shuffle and founded Apple. Michael Dell is a pioneer in online commerce and the founder of the Dell Computer Corporation. Oracle founder Larry Ellison has a business personality and owns one of the largest software and hardware companies. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg donated close to $500 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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  1. Thanks!
    Very Nice Shared Information 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this valuable information

  3. Hi Suresh –

    I believe that most, not all, people who drop out do so because they don’t fit the mold. Which in my mind makes them different, or special, from the crowd.

    Hopefully, they can take that difference and make it work for them and not against them as the above mentioned did.

    While basic education is important, hire learning is not for everybody. That being said, everybody has something unique to offer and I believe that everybody has a fortune inside of them.

    Thanks for letting me have my say.


  4. Hi Donald,
    Thank you for stopping by my site. Yes I agree with your points. My main motive is to show people that formal education is not the eligibility to be successful . Yes basic education is mandatory in today’s world. I agree that not all drop outs can become successful. From my perspective the one who is self driven, skilled, determined, focused and talented has a bright future. Thanks again for your opinions.

  5. Hello Suresh,

    Great infographic, reaaly inspiring. Sometimes these information will inspire the most to do something innovative.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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