5 Things You Need to Know About Call and SMS Termination

5 Things You Need to Know About Call and SMS Termination
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SMS termination

Call and SMS termination are processes that carriers do to connect your phone call or message to the recipient. Reaching customers via SMS can be very expensive when businesses use regular plans from mobile devices. Some companies even hire SMS termination solutions providers, like iQsim, to program cost-effective methods to reach their target audience.

Whether you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur or have a well-established business and need new communication alternatives, here are the 5 things you need to know about Call and SMS termination:

1. Your Calls and Messages Do Not Go Straight Through

Even if it seems immediate, when we call a person whose number is from a different carrier, the call is sent from one company to the other, and then redirected to them. The same process applies to SMS. Both SMS termination and call termination result in higher rates for the carriers, which is why they charge us more for messages and calls to users from other telephone companies.

2. You Can Set a Bulk SMS Campaign

An SMS Gateway will route the messages to the respective recipients, using one of the multiple SIM cards from the SIM rack. Bulk SMS campaigns are managed from software that allows you to create contact lists according to customers’ interests or demographics. The process is automatic, so the message will get out without consuming valuable time from your human resources.

3. Integrate VoIP with a Traditional Line

With a GSM gateway, you can take advantage of the VoIP technology from your telephone system. Whenever you make a call, the gateway will choose which SIM card will provide the best termination rate. So instead of making a long distance call from your line, it could be charged as a local call or lower.

4. SMS and Call Termination Products Are Compatible With Your Telephone Service

When you choose a specialized call termination provider, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your current telephone plan. These are different services that do not interfere with each other. A GSM gateway will choose the best available line to connect your call, and in some cases that could be your landline.

5. You Can Save Money on Phone Bills

Call and SMS termination solutions are cost-effective. They will connect your calls and messages over virtual numbers, which will get through over the internet instead of your telephone plan. Hence, lower telephone bills every month.

Technology has the available resources to optimize your business operations. It’s all about finding the right tool. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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