The changing fortunes of gambling in the online domain

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The arrival of the internet has facilitated many entirely new industries that would not have been able to exist without the new technologies at their disposal. But many traditional forms of entertainment have also been given a dramatic new lease of life through the powers of online innovation.

Gambling in particular offers the perfect case study to show how different companies have managed to use online marketing tools to reinvigorate their promotional strategies and reach whole new audiences.

Social media


The arrival of social media brands such as Facebook and Twitter have given gambling companies unparalleled access to many potential consumers. Recent studies have shown that 92% of companies have found that social media has aided their promotional campaigns, as such technologies enable brands to target customers in a much more incisive manner.

As social media marketing methods are relatively cheap, it’s become essential for any modern gambling company to use these strategies to help build audiences and enable customers to visit their online gaming site. One particular example would be a website such as Ruby Fortune that features user-friendly roulette games, and has used social media to try and build a loyal customer base who will share their successful gambling experiences amongst their online peers.

Campaign activity

The nature of online marketing has also provided gambling companies with a much greater flexibility in terms of any promotional campaigns undertaken. Much as the likes of Amazon have created seasonal offers such as Black Friday, gambling companies are able to quickly tailor any special offers in relation to needs and demands of their target audience.

Sports betting sites in particular seem to have a great deal of success in allowing consumers to browse a range of constantly-changing odds in a way that was unimaginable just a few years ago. And similarly, it’s now incredibly easy for any gambling company to swiftly introduce any special new campaign in the form of welcome bonuses with the minimum of fuss.

New developments

One of the most notable features in the way gambling companies have managed to increase their exposure is through television marketing. The huge increase of television channels has meant that advertising costs have been dramatically reduced, which means that it’s now relatively cheap for a gambling company to sponsor a show, or even have a prime time advertising slot.

Similarly, the rise of gambling companies that sponsor sports teams has also illustrated the way in which these companies have managed to overcome the somewhat restrictive government legislation and reach new audiences in innovative new ways. And with evermore inventive technological developments being introduced on a daily basis, it looks like gambling companies continue to enjoy the rapidly-changing world of internet marketing.

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