Medium Partner Program Review 2022 : Earn Cash For Your Work

I would be talking about the Medium partner program in this post. But, you have to know what exactly is the Medium. The Medium is a well-known online publishing platform. Evan Williams founded this platform in 2012. Earlier he was the Chairman and CEO of the Twitter. The Medium platform had attracted millions of users across the world. They are known for no ads and non profit work. So, when you visit their website you do not find any ads. When you look at the content, every piece of it was created by the creative writers.

After getting the huge traffic to their site, the Medium has thought to make money out of them. In 2016, Medium has started the Paywall service. The paywall restrict access to the content via the paid subscription. We can call the Medium as a membership site. The Medium partner program mainly depends on this concept. The creators can also join this partner program. It is absolutely free to join.

How Can You Join The Medium Partner Program?

To join as a Medium partner, go to this page, agree their terms and setup payments. You need to have a Stripe account to receive the payment. The bad news is that the Stripe allows only 32 countries. You can see this page for the availability.

What Can You Do If Your Country Is Not Supported By The Stripe?

The fast growing countries like Brazil and India are not supported. When the Stripe does not support your country, there is no way you can join the Medium partner program. However, there is only one way to receive payment through the Stripe. If you know anyone residing in the 23 countries, then you can take help from them. For example your friend is in US and she has got a bank account there. You can ask her bank details to receive the money through the Stripe. The other way is to start a business in US and apply to the business account in the Stripe. However it is a costly affair.

How Does The Medium Partner Program Work?

This is a tricky question because there is a lot to do to make it work. What does that mean? The Medium partner program mainly depends on the member engagement. Before publishing the content, you need to check the “Make my store eligible to earn money” option. That means your story will be locked for the users. Once it is enabled, your story will get reviewed by the curator. If the curator approves your content, then they will recommend it to the readers from your category. They will show your content on the, app and E-Mail digest.

How Can You Earn With The Medium Partner Program?

For earning cash, your story needs to get the best attention from the members. The reading time and applause are the two factors that decides your earnings. Here the applause means claps that you receive from the members. The members must unlock your content by paying the subscription fee, monthly or yearly. You can receive the payments every month through the Stripe.

What Are The Drawbacks Of The Medium Partner Program?

  • They do not have the PayPal option. More than 90 percent companies are using the PayPal for their digital transactions. On the other hand, Stripe is limited to only 23 countries.
  • It is very difficult to make members pay the subscription fee. Unless you are a great creator, you cannot earn much with the partner program.
  • You can earn only when there is an appreciation from members.
  • They are not much concerned about the writers and partners.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The Medium partner program is ideal for the best content creators. If you are not eligible to earn or do not have a Stripe account, then you can write the stories without earning money. I have seen many bloggers including the blog links in their articles. That way you can send traffic to your own sites or blogs. If you have worked as a Medium partner, then please share your experiences. Hope this article help people to get started.

Give it a try to the Medium partner program

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