4 Common Mistakes That Beginners Do While Blogging

In this post, I am going to talk about the common mistakes that beginners do while blogging. There are hell lot of changes happening in the Internet. More and more people are showing interest in building up their online career. Among all the options, the blogging is still a booming field. Long ago there was not much competition. In the recent times, millions of blogs are getting created every month. You name it any niche, there are hundreds of blogs competing one another.

There are many platforms like YouTube and Udemy that teaches how to start a blog, write content and earn money. What excites me is that friends from the same college or university are collaborating for the blogging. The efforts by the teamwork will not get wasted. The ultimate goal of blogging is to make money. But, still there are some beginners who commit some mistakes while blogging. There is no need to panic if you had committed a mistake. We should overcome them and make sure you do not repeat it again.

I figured out the following 4 most common mistakes :

1. Trying To Copy Others :

This may apply to the site design, content as well as monetization. Initially you may get attracted to the well known blogs. There is no nothing wrong in it. We will do better if we get inspiration from other’s work. But, following their footsteps will not help you. When you look at the reputed blogs closely, you can see the heart of the blogger. Be sincere and be original. Create your own style of blogging.


While coming to the monetization, you might have seen direct ads on several reputed blogs. You must not try to get direct advertisers while starting a blog. Many new bloggers have mailed me asking about the direct advertising. For attracting the direct advertisers, your blog must attract at least 5000 page views daily. The beginners cannot drive this traffic while starting their blogs. It takes time for everything.

In this process, many beginners end up choosing high competitive niche and keywords. For example there are millions of sites that teaches how to lose the weight. It is a bad idea to launch your blog revolving this niche. It is highly impossible to outrank the keywords.

Choose a low competitive niche that pleases you. Think out of the box and create your own impression.

2. Dreaming Of Making Money While Starting A Blog :

If you take example of any mainstream job, you will get salary. But, the scenario is entirely different when it comes to the blogging. Some might have seen a penny after 6 months of starting their blog. In my case, I blogged for 1 year without a dime. Not only like me, you ask any established blogger. They worked on content and getting traffic before earning their first paycheck. You cannot fit in blogging if you are impatient. So, do not dream of making 6 figure income from the day 1 of the blogging.

Dreaming of making money

The hype about the earning from blogging comes from the YouTube videos. Most of the people do not understand how AdSense works and they advise newbies to earn money. On seeing the unusual numbers like $10,000 monthly, the newbies straightaway create the blogs. Once they know the truth, it is late. So, my sincere suggestion for newbies is that do not come into the blogging field to earn money from the AdSense.

Create engaging content for the real people and get decent readership before jumping into the monetization.

3. Overlooking The Optimization :

Most of the newbies try to copy the writing style of the established blogs. But, what they failed to notice is that how well their articles are optimized. You must research the best topics and get related keywords. Write compelling content including the best keywords. There are tools like SEM and KWFinder that helps you in finding right keywords. I have found this article about keywords tools very informative. The rankings will boost your revenue.


At the same time, you must not publish a content and look for the rankings. The Google doesn’t work like that.

Funny side : The irony is that I never researched keywords. More than 90% of the articles ranked well. The newbies must not take any inspiration from me in this aspect. :)

4. Ignoring Few Things Like Speed, Search Console, Analytics And AMP :

The newbies must also look to Google Search Console a.k.a Webmaster tools for any performance issues. A single error may impact the whole site’s rankings. Do not ignore the errors and fix them as soon as possible. The Google Analytics is the best tool to track the traffic. If you are not using AMP for the mobile version of your site, then it is time to create the AMP version of your website. The newbies often forget to make their blogs load speeder. These factors will help you in ranking your blog. Eventually your blog can earn more revenue.


These are the most common mistakes committed by the beginners while blogging. If you have any thoughts, then please share them in the comments section. Hope this article help the beginners.

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