Understanding Domain Authority And Page Authority (DA, PA) Of Your Website

Every website wants to be ranked in first position on a Google search page in their niche, but what does it take? A good way to measure rankability is by using DA and PA to see how well your website is performing in terms of searchability and relevance.

An important way to maintain your websites SEO capabilities is ensuring that you have good command over your sites DA(Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

These are the key metrics that factors into your website ranking on the internet. When getting into SEO and website development, it is important to understand that what you will be developing has to provide useful and relevant knowledge to the user. Most SEO companies focus on increasing SEO score of websites so that they are more discoverable in the sea of other options the internet provides.

Here’s a quick run through of what DA and PA of a website are :

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is an algorithmic metric created by Moz.

What Domain Authority does is quantify the power of the domain and is based on factors such as

  • How effectively the site links internally
    An important factor that keeps the user on the same domain without flitting from one to another. This also includes the ability to use quality links and information to support your newer, relevant stuff.
  • How long the domain has been in use
    Aging of a domain is just how long it has been on the internet. For this purpose, it is recommended not to change domain names often.

While it may not be a fully authentic score in terms of ranking, it serves as a great tool to offer comparative numbers to ensure your site is doing better than your competitors. When Moz developed this metric, they created an algorithm that combs through your website to see how well it would be able to qualify as a quality website; one that is trustworthy and reliable, which is what every business website aims to be.

There are several variables that factor into this score, which is also how Google search ability works. The variables are generally connected to factors like readability, quality of the content, presence of optimized keywords and outstanding UI/UX. And not to forget, relevancy of the content.

Page Authority

Similar to DA, the algorithm for PA also qualifies your individual pages and ranks them in terms of their readability and usefulness.

In a nutshell, DA and PA provides you with a score that will help you know how well your website is doing, and allow you to compare it to your competitors.

Why is it important for my website?

Understanding and processing SEO score is important for your website searchability and ultimately for your business. By constantly keeping a check on your score you can;

  • Discover how well your site is doing compared to competitors
  • See how well click conversions are happening on your site
  • Monitor the websites’ searchability and making sure it adheres to Google’s webmaster guidelines

Why these metrics serves as a great addon for your business to keep an eye on is because it possibly mimics Google algorithm that allows them to rank your website and data. Through these metrics you can identify how well your website is doing, and immediately jump on trying to improve it in case it dips past your competitors.

A way to maintain a good DA score is to

  • Ensure that you are constantly updating your website with quality content
    If you churn out short, irrelevant pieces of copy just to keep up with SEO demands it will reflect in your score. It is important to make sure your content is at its peak and stays consistent. Its ability to connect with your audience is directly proportional to the Domain Authority and more importantly traffic rate of your website.
  • Internal Linking

What internal linking does is lengthen the time your audience stays on the website. Popular websites like TMZ and other websites that uses their own databases use this method to make sure people stay on their site for information instead of looking for another site for the same/similar information. Read on the pro tips on how to improve internal linking for better understanding.

  • Regularly Updating Your Website
    What this process will help with is combing through your website as a routine to ensure that your dead or low traffic link can be gotten rid of or replaced.
  • Aim to be an expert source in your Industry

This is an important factor that will allow users to instantly recognize your domain name and brand. This allows you to bring a level of authority to your audience and do wonders for your DA.

  • Cohesive Social Media Presence
    Making sure that your social media presence is easily accessible and shares all the content that you have on your website is extremely important. Since more users use social media to access and more importantly to share their information.

Another important factor to consider is that once your website eventually ranks towards the higher end of the scale, it immediately gets picked up by other sites as becoming a relevant source to link back thus further pushing your potential traffic.

In terms of understanding the scale, it is explained to be easier to make the jump from 10-20 easier than it is to jump from 90-100, due to various factors. Having a good understanding of that will allow you to gauge and track your progress or decline in terms of your score.

When do I check my domain authority?

It is extremely important to your business because as it is essentially proportional to your click through rate and traffic. By checking your domain authority score at least once a month, you ensure that your audience is kept happy by getting relevant content.

In conclusion, understanding what Domain Authority and Page authority is can go a long way in improving your pages’ relevance and traffic. When it comes to SEO, there are constantly numerous updates and more factors that are cobbled into how your page is ultimately ranked and relevant enough.

To condense the points:

  • Maintain quality and regular content
  • Keep yourself updated on the factors that affect Domain Authority and Page Authority
  • Regularly check and improve your Domain Authority
  • Use relevant ways to reach out to your audience

Keeping yourself updated with changing factors of Search engine optimization is a must in order to maintain your business website and grow digitally. However, to improve website ranking you can get help from professionals and reach your business goals easily.

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