Bollywood’s Seven Greatest Gamblers


To say that Bollywood stars love poker is the understatement of the century. Their fascination with all things casino is apparent in the many films and numerous house parties they love to organise.

Not only is poker enjoyed at home during Diwali, but many stars also join tournaments and walk away with a pretty huge win. Though gambling is considered illegal in many parts of India, Arjun Rampal and others have continued to fight for their right to play poker professionally and at their homes.

These seven personalities are considered Bollywood’s greatest gamblers and for good reasons.

1.     Minissha Lamba

Minissha Lamba built a name as the greatest poker player in Bollywood since 2011 when she was featured in the Times. The actress is known more for her poker record than her acting, which she excels at. The English graduate was introduced to poker by her friends eight years ago and fell in love with the game instantly. Over the years, she has grown as a player who is respected and feared at the same time and has a long-standing relationship with Adda52, an online casino in India. Minissha Lamba participated in the 2015’s India Poker Championship and has won thousands of lakhs in various tournaments.

2.     Rannvijay Singha 

While most Bollywood actors play poker for fun, Rannvijay Singha is a shark on the table. The avid player has a full schedule between hosting Roadies and Splitsvilla, but he spends his free time playing poker. His passion for the card game can be testified by Spartan Poker, who made Rannvijay their brand ambassador. He may be a man with many talents, but poker seems to hold his heart.

3.     Aamir Khan

Aamir has been setting the bar very high over the years when it comes to making films, and he is doing the same in poker. His attraction to gambling is unmatched because he also plays poker in an online casino. As if that wasn’t enough, the man organises parties at his home and invites the who’s who of Bollywood for games. The games in his house are no child’s play either. According to sources, the stakes go as high as five thousand rupees. He has five poker tables in his Union Park mansion, though he is not very good at the game.

4.     Shahid Kapoor

Aamir Khan is not the only Bollywood personality who throws gambling parties at his residence. The Rangoon star, Shahid Kapoor, has also been organising nightlong luxury parties in his house where close friends and relatives come together to play games. The heartthrob has also been making headlines since he was spotted bonding with Harman Baweja over a game of cards. Unlike Khan, Kapoor enjoys a laid-back game where people have fun as opposed to placing high stakes on each other.

5.     Sikandar Kher

Besides being a massive star in Bollywood, Sikandar Kher also enjoys gambling and poker to be specific. His favourite leisure activity is visiting the rooms of Goa for a game or several. While he mostly uses gaming as a source of entertainment, the man also excels in tournaments. He holds the second position in the 2013’s 30K IPC tournament, and he did amazingly well in the 2010 Ultimate Poker Challenge. Sikandar Kher is a gambling genius with several wins under his belt.

6.     Harman Baweja

Harman Baweja has to be the most multi-talented man on earth. On top of being a qualified doctor, he is also a fantastic actor and an even better poker player. You can expect to see this Bollywood big wig kicking it at the casino regularly and excelling in domestic tournaments. Harman Baweja has been taking the top spots since the IPC was started, and he doesn’t seem to slow down. He is best known for attaining second place in 2010 IPC 10K Freezeout and 2011 12K Headhunters. His passion for poker does not end with him playing. He is also the owner of a Franchise in Raj Kundra’s Match Poker League.

7.     Raj Kundra

Any Bollywood star knows where to go for Diwali poker games. Raj Kundra and his wife, Shilpa Shetty, have had a long-standing love affair with card games, and it is apparent in every part of their lives. The mega businessman and his wife have ventured to introduce an online poker room called Poker Raj, where people can play with the likes of Minissha Lamba and Shetty. He already owns a Match Poker League and is looking to improve the gambling scene in India. Despite the restrictions, the man always breaks the ceiling once he puts his mind to it.

Though these are the well-known poker lovers in India’s film industry, they are not the only ones. Other notable celebs shine at poker and other gambling activities. Zayed Khan and Fardeen Khan even have a group for high stake poker players.

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