5 Free Recession Proof Ideas To Earn Online Passive Income


The world is not the same every time. When a serious issue arises globally, the employment will be in the threat. In that case, everyone would be worried about the economy, unemployment and recession.

So, we have come up with the following 5 free recession proof ideas that one should try to earn passive income.

Recession Proof Idea #1 : Affiliate Marketing

Our first free recession proof earning method is affiliate marketing. Do you think that the affiliate marketing is still a promising career? Yes, because every business wants to be profitable. They are ready to pay affiliates to grow their company’s revenue.

If you are a beginner and this is the first time you had heard this term, then let me explain you in simple words.

Say for example, there is a company called XYZ. They are into the online learning business. This company is offering a lucrative affiliate program to grow their business.

The job of an affiliate is to promote this company services. How could you do it? They would give the promotional tools like unique affiliate link, banners, videos or others.

Is it free? Of course, it is.

What is the eligibility to join the affiliate marketing? In many cases you don’t need to have a website or blog. But, you should have some followers or list of subscribers. Remember that they need to show interest in the services that you are promoting.

How To Join Affiliate Marketing?

Recession proof ideas : how to do affiliate marketing

You can join in either ways : Affiliate network or affiliate program.

The affiliate program is basically offered by a company or a business to increase their sales or leads. Whereas the affiliate network manages the group of affiliate programs offered by tens or hundreds of companies.

The advantage of joining an affiliate network is you do not need to stress yourself in finding a right affiliate program. Once you join an affiliate network, you can apply to hundreds of programs.

We strongly recommend Shareasale affiliate network. You can join tons of affiliate programs in wide range of categories.

How To Do The Affiliate Marketing?

You can promote in 2 ways depending on the affiliate network or company’s policies :

  1. Free
  2. Paid

You shouldn’t opt for paid promotions unless the network or program really allows for it. However we do not encourage paid promotions for the beginners.

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Free promotional methods :

1. Writing Engaging Blog Post

Recession proof - write engaging blog post

The content is a great way to tell people about a product or service.

If you are a website owner or a blogger, then create a compelling content related to the affiliate product or service that you are going to promote. You can also convert your article into a review article.

But, if you are really serious about the affiliate marketing, you must try the product/service first.

For example, you have decided to promote a specific pet food product, then writing about the pet’s eating habits would significantly help.

Don’t rush to promote your product aggressively in the article. Your content should help the readers extensively otherwise no one would care about your recommendations.

2. Social Media

recession proof socialmedia

According to a survey, there are more than 2 billion accounts on the social media. The best advantage is that you do not need to pay a single penny for joining these social networks.

Coming to the affiliate marketing, the social media is a great platform to push the right product or service to the right people.

The key to success is identifying your audience. You would find billions of users but the affiliates should reach the right customers.

If you are good enough in building connections, then the success rate would be higher.

3. Creatives Or Promotional Banners

If you have a website or a blog, then place the promotional banners and text links in the relevant places to attract visitor’s eye.

You might be thinking how people would click and take action. For the things to happen, you must put some efforts like writing killer content, optimizing efficiently, sharing and building decent backlinks.

Finally your blog post or blog will attract adequate organic traffic.

Note : Remember that unless your website or blog generates decent traffic, no one would show interest in your affiliated products or services.

4. YouTube Marketing

Recession proof YouTube marketing

The YouTube don’t need any introduction. You can use this video platform to promote affiliate markets. Many influencers and affiliate marketers are making tons of money from YouTube.

Say for example, your favorite niche is food. Then, you have decided to promote kitchen utensils and recipe books. So starting a recipe or nutritional channel will help you to get sales.

When people love your videos, then they will be interested in your recommendations.

You can also consider Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook page or group for the affiliate marketing.

Best Advantage : You don’t need to pay a single penny to YouTube.

Recession Proof Idea # 2 : Writing E-books

Recession proof : ebooks

This may sound as an old school but it still works.

Do you think everyone can write? Yes, there are millions of ideas, events, skills and stories around us.

You should pick the right one that really excites you. You should have a perfect knowledge about the topic that you are going to write. One must research well and write in their own words.

If you are a novice, then try writing them for free. Many would first distribute to their friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

You might be doubting how to publish E-books. The Amazon KDP let you publish your E-book for free. You can sell your book for a fee.

You can also write a regular book too. But, before that you need to be financially strong as it takes time. While writing an EBook is somewhat easier than writing a book.

Recession Proof Idea # 3 : Start Your Own YouTube Channel

recession proof start YouTube channel

To start a YouTube channel, you don’t need any skills. Anyone can start straightaway.

You might have seen many channels that manages with the slides videos. But, still they are ranking well. The message should be loud and clear.

As you know, it is free. Once your channel comply with the YouTube’s terms, you can monetize your videos through the Google AdSense. There are channel owners earning six figure income monthly.

All you need to have plans to make it happen. The views, subscribers, watched time, shares and likes matter a lot.

Apart from the AdSense, you can earn through the paid memberships and affiliate marketing.

Learn how to make serious money on YouTube!

Recession Proof Idea # 4 : Freelancing Content Writing

recession proof content writing

The content is still king and will stay forever. There is no use of existence of the Internet when there is no content. So, there would be always demand for the content writers.

If you have a great writing skills, then you should try your hand as a content writer.

There are writers who charged nothing to nominal fee in the beginning. You can say it as a practice. Once you are proficient, you can use your skills in writing your own E-book or writing for others.

There are many platforms for the freelancers like Upwork and Fiverr where you can actually build your writing career. These sites are open to other jobs as well.

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Recession Proof Idea # 5 : Online Tutoring

recession proof online tutoring

This is an evergreen method to make decent money. You can be an expert in any field.

Why don’t you share your expertise to the people? You will get rewarded and the people get knowledge. Identify your skills in any specific category.

Say for example, you know French. You will find hundreds or thousands of people who are ready to learn this language. You can contact learners through the social media or any referral.

You can start your online tutoring business with the YouTube membership. Some would use the free solutions like Google Duo and Cisco Webex for the online classes.

You can also make set of videos related to your subject. In that case, you can upload them in one place.

Our topmost recommendation is Udemy. This platform has hundreds of free and paid courses. When someone enrolls in your course, you will get paid.

You can also make money from the Udemy affiliate program.

Recession Proof Ideas (Paid) :

1. Start your own blog (Self hosted) : For starting your own blog, you need to buy domain and reliable web hosting.

2. Paid promotion (PPC) : In simple words, you promote your products or services through the Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

While promoting products of others, make sure you comply with their policies.

Conclusion :

These recession proof ideas have worked well for many. Even you can succeed too. These methods will be going to work any time.

Pick the right method or methods that you can do. Later work on the strategies that you are going to implement.

You do not need to spend a single dime. However it may take little time and effort to make it happen.

Hope these 5 recession proof ideas help the novices for getting started.

Do you have any experience with any of these earning methods?

Even if you have any other recession proof ideas in your mind, then please do not hesitate to share with us.

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