PubFuture Review 2023: Better than AdSense?

We will be covering PubFuture in this post.

It is a waste if you do not monetize your website.

You can monetize your sites by joining an ad network and placing their various ad units.

Almost every site owner dreams of having an AdSense account to monetize their websites.

But Google AdSense has some limitations when it comes to monetization part.

We will discuss these topics and see if PubFuture is better than AdSense.

Before going into the review details, you should know about PubFuture.

What Is PubFuture?

PubFuture is a new generation ad programmatic network.

The basic technology that PubFuture uses is header bidding.

Unlike AdSense mainstream’s technology, PubFuture mainly concentrates on delivering highly optimized ads.

PubFuture assures site owners that they will serve highly performance ads.

Obviously PubFuture helps site owners to increase their revenue.

The other thing that is lacking in AdSense is usage of ad types like Interstitial, Video and Sticky ads.

Whereas PubFuture serves these ad types to the publishers.

Join PubFuture ad network and monetize your websites

What Is the Revenue Model of this Ad Network?

The commission type of PubFuture is Cost per 1000 impressions a.k.a. CPM.

Unlike many ad networks that pay you based on clicks or clicks/impressions; PubFuture lets you earn from impressions alone.

Even AdSense doesn’t consider impressions solely.

This is one of the reasons why site owners should look at PubFuture for monetization.

What Are the Requirements of Site Owners to Join PubFuture?

  • The sites should generate at least 100,000 pageviews monthly. You might have understood that this ad network accepts only high-quality sites.
  • PubFuture doesn’t accept adult content websites.

How Does PubFuture Work?

PubFuture works with numerous ad exchanges and uses solutions like header bidding, open bidding and private deals to cater for the best ads.

The publishers have to either upload ads.txt or add lines to the existing ads.txt file.

The ads.txt file contains information about certified or registered ad sellers and publishers IDs.

PubFuture is partnered with over 100+ ad partners. Some of the big names are Google Ad Exchange, Appnexus, Outbrain, Pubmatic, Openx and Yahoo.

You can access the ads.txt file by visiting

Once you successfully add ads.txt to your site, contact the support team by providing the following information: Domain name, monthly website pageviews, top 5 GEOs, and ad units.

The support team will further assist you in setting up ads.

What Are the Ad Formats of PubFuture?

  • Display banner: 300×250; 336×280; 300×600; 728×90; 970×90, 970×250 160×600, 320×100 (Mobile) and 320×50 (Mobile).
  • Native ads
  • Instream and Outstream Video ads: In-Banner Video 300×350, In-content floating 496×280, 600×400
  • Interstitial ads

How To Use PubFuture?

Once you sign up as the publisher, you need to add your website as shown in the image below.

PubFuture website unit



PubFuture add website

After adding your website, you must implement the Ads.txt file to be checked for approval.

It often takes 3-5 or even 7 days to get enough demand.

The PubFuture team will review your website and let you know the next steps to see if there is a good fit.

In the meantime, you can set up your payment method.

PubFuture Payment Settings

Our Experience with PubFuture:

We have worked with PubFuture and we are excited to share the report, dashboard and payment proof.

We hope these metrics motivate the publishers to work with PubFuture.


Here comes the Report from 05/05/2022 to 11/05/2022.

PubFuture report

As you can see, the total impressions from 05/05-11/05 are 163,557. The average CPM was 1.173 and revenue generated was $191.91.

It increased 60% compared AdSense after 2,5 months using their ads.

I highly recommend you keep their ads for more than 1 month so that they have enough time to optimize the traffic.


Here are the stats of our PubFuture publisher account:

PubFuture Dashboard

Under dashboard, you can find the Ad impressions, CPM and revenue.

Note: The performance often drops at the end and at the beginning of a month.

The CPMs are not really good at the beginning.

It often takes 1 – 2 weeks to see an increase with revenue and CPMs.

Therefore, publishers like me should keep patient and push the team for doing optimizations.

Payment Proof:

Payments are always on time. We are posting the payment proof that was paid for the periods (01/02/2022-28/02/2022) and (01/03/2022-31/03/2022).

The payment was pending for the month of April, 2022.

PubFuture payment proof

You could clearly see how genuine the PubFuture is.

We strongly recommend publishers to use PubFuture network.

When and How Will You Get Paid?

The payouts will be processed on a Net 15 basis.

The payment options are as follows:

  •  PayPal: Minimum threshold – $50
  • Payoneer: Minimum threshold – $50
  • Bank Transfer: Minimum threshold – $1000
  • Bitcoin: Minimum threshold – $500

What are The Best Features of the PubFuture?

  • The publishers can increase their ad revenue by 200% from high quality and optimized ads.
  • PubFuture is committed to delivering top quality ads and publishers have chances to monetize every page impression.
  • Whenever you need something, dedicated support will be available.
  • You can block unwanted ads by contacting the support team.
  • The publishers can also earn extra income by referring others to PubFuture. You can earn 5% lifetime commission.

How to Reach the Support Team?

If you have any questions about publisher program, then write to [email protected].

Address: 30 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6NN

Telephone: (+44) 756-104-5417

What is the Final Conclusion?

PubFuture ad network is ideal for content centric and premium websites.

It could certainly be better than Google AdSense.

Your revenue depends on the traffic, geos, niche and ad units.

Have you worked with the PubFuture as a publisher?

We would love to hear about your work experience.

Hope this PubFuture review helps publishers while getting started.

Join PubFuture ad network and increase revenue!

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