Donate And Get 25 E-Books For Free

Why Should We Receive Donations While Using Advertisements? was started with 1 person while its inception. Now it is growing and we are 4 people here. We are proud to say that is hosted on Hostiso VPS. If you want to read our hosting experience you can go through this article. We motivated many webmasters and bloggers by reviewing hundreds of ad networks, URL shortening networks and affiliate networks.

The revenue generated from advertising and sponsored reviews is quite enough for the Office rent, Internet bills, Electricity bills and coffee. But, for VPS hosting which is $300 yearly and salaries of employees we need donations.

We have come up with an innovative idea by offering 25 incredible E-books absolutely for free to all people who donate to us. You may donate as low as $5 but you’ll get 25 E-books worth $79 for free. Yes you heard it right. You get all the incredible stuff for free. For the list please contact us.

How To Donate Us?

You can donate in the following 3 ways :

  • BitCoin
  • Direct Bank Deposit ( For Indians )
  • Western Union

Intentionally we have not given any payment info here due to privacy reasons. Please Contact us for the payment info.

How Will Funds Get Used?

The funds will be mainly used properly towards hosting and salaries. We’ll also expand in terms of team and office. We can hire more skilled people. If we receive great contributions from more philanthropists then we will go ad-less.

If you have any questions then please do contact us. We are happy to help you.

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