Insight into blogging : Best Guide For Newbies

There were days when people used diary to express their feelings, emotions and opinions. In the similar way technology or science lovers were literally connected with books and used writing as a platform to share their knowledge. The people can clearly see the changed scenario now. Now the blogging has replaced them. The Internet is the biggest invention in modern age. We live in a digital age where computers and gadgets have become part of life. Gradually people from all parts of the world have learned to show their perspectives through the internet. The appropriate tool is none other than a ‘blog’.

Insight into blogging

Introduction to the blogging :

Apart from the personal blogging, people have gone to wider sections like technology blogging, review blogging, news blogging etc. Being a blogger you can write about anything you like as long as you don’t offend anyone. Don’t simply be a copycat. It won’t work in a long run. Adopt your own style of writing. Even if it is a tech related article make sure that you present in a unique way. This is certainly not as easy as said. It requires a lot of learning and experience. Newbies must follow different online magazines and blogs to learn the writing tips and strategies. One need to Create a great content for their blog.

As I said earlier writing is bit difficult. One must have passion towards writing as well as knowledgeable. The niche could be anything from movie reviews to political satires. The inbuilt creativity will add color to your write-up.

There is no need for newbies to join any blogging training program. There are many useful resources available on internet for free. Time is the only investment in this case. It is always good when you learn something on your own. The Internet is the best guru to teach you blogging.

Focus more on content and traffic :

It is necessary to know the exact motive behind the blogging. Some people do blogging for passion, some for fame and some for money. So where do you see yourself ? Don’t start a blog for the sake of money. It is an undeniable fact that we human beings need money. If money is the primitive goal you may miss the essence and beauty of blogging. Adding value to your readers is the greatest thing you can do rather than counting money. I’m not discouraging to make money from the blogging. Believe in your passion and one day money will follow you.

Don’t believe the self-proclaimed probloggers who comes with an attractive title like ‘How to make millions of dollars in just 30 days.’ They are unethical bloggers who practices black hat techniques. The black hat is nothing but a trap to cheat  search engines. They teach these strategies for some fee. Just don’t go for it. One day Internet might slap you hard. Please stay away from these nonprofessionals. At the same time we have genuine probloggers like Darren Rowse of and Pat Flynn who are really helping bloggers. Some time ago I’ve written an article about Top 5 successful and inspiring probloggers. You may find it inspiring.

Remember that success won’t come in a day. It takes time.

The beauty of blogging is you don’t need to be a tech savvy to start a blog. The bloggers do not need to bother about the best practices of web design. You can easily setup your blog with little knowledge. You can start a blog using either free blogging platforms like the Tumblr and Blogger or self hosted platform like the WordPress. The choice solely depends on your purpose of the blogging.

If you are a personal blogger, then the free hosting platform is the best choice. The self hosted platform suits well for professional or serious bloggers.

Hope my message reaches to the new bloggers.

Stay tuned. Happy Blogging.

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