Deep insight into LinkedIn publishing platform – review

LinkedIn has started publishing platform for non-influencers in 2014. Initially they released this feature meant for 25,000 users. After fair response this platform was open for everyone. In the earlier days LinkedIn influencers like Bill Gates and Richard Branson shared …

Outbrain review

Outbrain is the first content recommendation network in the world. It started in 2006 with New York as the headquarters. They are operating 11 offices in different geographical locations. Outbrain is a tough competitor of another content discovery platform Taboola

Taboola Review 2019 – Best Content Recommendation Platform

Before jumping into Taboola review, firstly I would like to introduce this network. Taboola is a reputed content recommendation platform started in July 2007. The company headquarters primarily in New York, it expanded to other global locations too. Taboola is …

Adtomatik review – advertising network

Adtomatik is a new advertising network based in Florida, United States. It’s a part of MediaFem group. Publishers get paid on CPC and CPM basis. Publishers from every part of the world get allowed to join this program.

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Sovrn review – CPM advertising network

Sovrn Review

Sovrn formerly Ligit is a CPM network based in US. According to them they serve more than 20,000 publishers globally. Publishers could really get benefited from Sovrn’s analytics tool to identify the site’s statistics like traffic and engaging … Protection Status