Which page builder should I use of I’m a designer Vs developer?

Page Builder constitutes an optional plug-in for WordPress that helps with editing pages developed on the WordPress site through the enhanced editor based on drag-and-drop functionality. This is an effective yet simple procedure to build a professional looking website via WordPress. For example, Collectiveray explain here how to build a…

3 ways to earn with WordPress

WordPress is an established CMS and bloggers just love to hangout with it. The success of this platform lies in its simplicity and robust features. But, most of the people don't really rely on WordPress to increase their revenues. The reason is quite simple. WordPress is an open source platform…

3 new essential wordpress plugins

1. All in one Wordpress Security and Firewall Plugin In the recent times I have come across many posts on social media about hacked Wordpress blogs. Frankly speaking Wordpress blogs are not safe anymore. Bad guys keep on updating their hacking knowledge to break through Wordpress blogs. It is advisable for every…

Free VS Premium wordpress themes

Wordpress is a wonderful blogging platform used by wide range of audiences around the world. The very first thing  one can see in Wordpress blog is the theme. I opine that the theme plays an important role in success of any blog. People will not return to your blog if it looks…

How to start a self hosted WordPress blog

WordPress provides free software to build self hosted blogs. The software would be installed on a web server. These days the best web hosting companies made it simple with a single click. The most popular third-party auto installers are Softaculous and Fantastico. These add-ons enable users to install WordPress. You…

Start a WordPress.com blog

WordPress.com is a free blog hosting service. The domain structure would be http://yourblogname.wordpres.com. The biggest advantage is there is no need to pay for hosting services which includes bandwidth and web space. You have the option to buy custom domain name (yourblogname.com) and redirect it. The main disadvantage in using free wordpress blog is that you can’t run own ads.

1. Go to WordPress.com and click Get started to create a blog. Fill all the required fields and check your mail for the confirmation. (more…)

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