6 Tips for Improving Every Single Blog Post

Creating a great blog is not as easy as many people think it may be. There is a lot of competition in the blog world today, so anyone who wants to be successful in blogging needs to make sure that they create the best blog they possibly can. The most…

Why guest bloggers should beware of Google

One could clearly see guest blogging at the saturation level because bigger Guest blogging networks being hunted down by Google in the recent times. Seriously Guest blogging sites are in deep trouble.  To everyone's surprise it is not the networks alone, guest bloggers who probably use them to provide content to…

Beginner’s Steps into Blogging

Bringing your writing skill to the worldwide web can give you a stage for fame. For years, blogging is considered a form of self-expression through the articles posted. With large number of free blog providers, it’s easy for you to start blogging. You can share your thoughts and opinions through…

Start a blogger blog

Creating a blog using is very easy. It is the best blogging solution for the beginners as hosting ( bandwidth and disk space) is free. To start a blogger blog, login to using gmail account. Being a blogger you can write about a topic that interests you. You can add necessary pictures, Infographics and videos to the text to make the blog post interesting. Many pro-bloggers have started their blogging journey with blogger blog. From many pro-bloggers perspective newbies should start a blogger blog to gain experience.

The URL structure would be . You can redirect to the custom domain ( .

Start a blogger blog

Press ‘New Blog’ to get started.

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