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Way2earning has started its journey in 2010 and was successful. Earlier the blogging platform was blogger and later moved to WordPress. WordPress is really cool and one can have a lot of fun working on it. We will focus more on genuine monetization opportunities for publishers in near future. The Way2earning website helps people to succeed with blogging and advertising. Newbies can mostly benefit from the resources given in the website.

Story :

Few years back one of my friend has shown me an advertisement about part-time work from home. The headline was something like ” Make money online in your spare time if you have computer and internet connection”.  My friend was pretty much interested in that offer. So we called the employer and my friend to his excitement asked every single detail of the work. The last words of the employer surprised us as we have to pay $50 for the work. He agreed to pay us double the money we invest. The first thought on my mind was why should we pay to work. Later I discussed the same thing with my friend.

The work is ad posting on some classified sites and data entry if necessary. The employer assured the working hours would be very flexible (2 hours daily). We paid $50 to that guy without second thought. The fact is that we are less experienced and moreover there was no one from my family and friends who has done this work before. He assigned the work and it went well for 15 days.

On one fine day we came to know that the person who is heading this company was absconding. So he managed to dupe 500 people like us. I was bit frustrated and blamed myself for entering into new field with lack of knowledge. At that very first moment I decided to learn internet technologies.

My computer background helped me to explore new resources and I was luckiest in this aspect. I can proudly say that I don’t have real ‘guru’ in this journey. But, virtually Google is my guru. 🙂 My self intuition is my teacher and guide when it comes to decision-making.  I was very much fascinated by computers from the early age. My learning process started with networking as it is the basic foundation of internet technologies. I have my certifications in CCNA and MCSE. After completion of  courses I contributed my networking services for few companies.

Later I moved to affiliate marketing. I have hands on Clickbank and other affiliate networks. Later I entered into the blogging world. Thanks to Google Blogger platform. From my perspective newbies start blogging with Blogger and end with WordPress.

The main reason behind my blogging  journey is to help people from getting cheated by the scammers. The scammers are everywhere and tries to dupe people with various schemes like “Make $1,00,000 while sleeping in just 1 month”. Oh my god this is seriously absurd. I am sure this is not going to happen as the advertisement pretends. There are no short cuts to make money online. It needs a lot of patience and hard work.

Apart from working I love to play chess and I’m really passionate about latest technology updates. My favorite things are music, photography and reading books.

If you have doubts or queries about any thing feel free to contact me. You can follow me on Twitter : http://twitter.com/free2earn

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