How to make money online when not in front of a computer

Making money online is an easy task – at least in theory, provided you have a job you can do through the Internet – but it needs you to sit in front of your computer or laptop for long hours. But what about the time you spend on public transportation – the bus, the subway – or on the train? Writing an article or researching keywords while other people talk – sometimes shout – around you, or while the train rushes through tunnels and fields, is not easy – there are so many things distracting you from the task at hand. Also, if you don’t have a seat, you can’t work on your laptop.

One way of making a buck online while traveling – provided you are lucky [wink!] – is to play online casino games. These don’t require too much concentration (far less than writing a technical article) and can be done on a smartphone or a tablet even while standing on the bus, provided you have an internet connection, which, in the age of 4G, is increasingly possible.

One of my favorite places to play casino games when away from home is the Royal Vegas mobile casino. Here I can find (most) of the games I like to play – unfortunately some of my favorites are not adapted to the touchscreen yet, but I guess it follows soon – on a clean and easy to use interface. Logging on doesn’t require anything but the credentials I use for accessing the same casino on my desktop PC.

The Royal Vegas mobile casino is easy to access: you just access the casino website from your mobile and it takes you to the right place. Whether you have an Android device or an iPhone, a Windows Phone or a Blackberry, you simply do the same thing: navigate to the Royal Vegas website, register or log on and choose your game.

Through the same mobile interface you can call the Royal Vegas customer support using your phone, Skype or WhatsApp, or contact them via e-mail – whichever your phone supports.

The variety of games available through the mobile interface is limited – if the desktop casino has hundreds of great casino games to choose from, the mobile casino has just a few. Still you can find at least one game of each variety, allowing you to play the game best suits you directly on your smartphone or tablet, with the same credentials as those used for accessing the desktop casino.

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