Advertopia review : Online advertising network

Advertopia review

Advertopia is an online advertising network working with potential advertisers and reputed publishers worldwide. Located in US they are running 1500+ campaigns and working with 4000+ publishers. The revenue model of this ad network is CPM. It’s a great alternative to Adtomatik network. Advertopia review sites before approving them.

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Requirements of publishers to join Advertopia CPM ad network

  • The sites must generate at least 5000 page impressions monthly.
  • This ad network only accept sites having custom domain.
  • The sites must load faster. They are more concerned about site speed.
  • The sites must have been very much functional. They reject incomplete or under construction sites.
  • The sites must not have made for the purpose of advertising.
  • The sites must not had broken copyright laws.
  • The content must add value to the readers.
  • The sites must not host any objectionable content like pornography, hacking, spamming, gambling etc.
  • PTC or Traffic exchange sites don’t get approval.


  • Publishers must not click on their own ads or encourage others.
  • Publishers must not use excessive advertising on their sites.
  • Publishers must not use bots, auto refreshing sites or traffic exchanges to generate fake traffic.

Ad formats

Publishers have access to following sizes of display adverts for desktop : 468×60, 300×250, 336×280, 234×60, 320×100, 320×50, 728×90, 120×600 and 160×600. For mobile format 320×100 and 320×50 sizes could be used. Publishers can use only 5 ad units per page.


Publishers get paid on Net 15 basis. The threshold payout is $20. The payment options available are PayPal and Skrill.


  • This ad network has a good league of brands or premium advertisers.
  • Global coverage
  • High fill rates
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast approval
  • Timely payments
  • Good support


  • Blogspot bloggers can’t join this CPM ad network.

Final Conclusion

Advertopia works well for medium or high traffic sites. It would be great if the majority traffic comes from Tier 1 countries. Publishers who tried this network can share their experiences in the comment section below. Hope this Advertopia review helps publishers to get started.

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8 thoughts on “Advertopia review : Online advertising network

      1. My blog gets about 10,000 to 14,000 pageviews a day. And also I really like their network. I have got 10+ times payment from them. Thanks advertopia, you are the best ever I have seen so far.

  1. Really Great ad network, They was always paid me on time…

    Thanks for the great and informative review. Keep it up.

  2. Unfortunately got flagged by Google for malicious content after showing their banners. Had to stop using it.

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