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  1. says:

    legit site ?

    1. Legit site in the sense which doesn’t contain any harmful or objectionable material.

  2. Albaruos Cokgni says:

    Do they pay?

  3. It seems legit, I just received my first payment yesterday

  4. Frederic Yorick says:

    I’ve joined them a couple days ago. The earning seems good (2$ CPM), after how much time the money goes from the “Balance” to the “Approved balance”?

    I would like to cash out and see if they pay before continuing using them 😀

    1. Generally they take 3 days after the request.

  5. SHMOKI Very Bad – BIG SCAM
    A lot of trouble
    I used a few days and nearly destroyed its own site
    A man has set opening crowd advertisements on every click pops up 4-5 advertisements
    limit not work – any value set – all the same – there is no effect
    All this stifles site and visitors leave the site
    Paying very bad – fraud
    I’ve been waiting for days to grant payment and after a few months he was granted only 10% of the amount earned – nothing
    However, that amount can not be withdrawn because it is less than the minimum of $ 10
    I think this is a scam
    My recommendation – bypass and avoid

    1. I’m sorry for your bad experience. Did you contact their support team?

      1. It is a sophisticated way of fraud
        He remembered “approved balance”, which is a big nonsense
        No advertiser does this “approved payment”
        All advertisers pay in advance advertising
        However, SHMOKI says that waiting for payment from advertisers
        So waiting forever – never welcome because it is a lie
        Unless you have made a lot of traffic and it will approve crumbs
        But it is in order to motivate you to make even more traffic
        One day you will realize that you will not be never paid
        I repeat, this is a big sophisticated scam
        Please administer the forum to respond here and declare this man for fraud

        Evidence screenshot:


        1. This is really bad. I have forwarded your issue to their support team. Let us hope for the best.

          1. You have nothing to expect from thieves
            They are crooks and they will laugh on your message

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