How to make money on Facebook or on other social networks

How to make money on Facebook or on other social networks

(Blogs Adsense Taboola,,

I am looking into “How to make money on facebook or on other social networks in 2016” , from a social page owner point of view. I will give you an overview and compare some of the techniques I found the most successful. I’ll be sharing insights and earning reports from my tests. I hope this will help you and many others to make more money with your social pages/traffic.
I am only including those platforms / advertising companies with which I have an account and a reasonably long business relationship. -Namely Google Adsense, Taboola,, and

A little background on me, to give you a scale: I have about 15 big ( 200k – 1 million fans) facebook pages with about 5 million Facebook fans in total. I have been monetizing my traffic for over 7-8 years making a decent income from that being about 300-500k $ to date. My fans are mostly from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria etc.

My have 3 main ways for monetization:

I run Blogs (with Google Adsense and Taboola ads),  I post content of and used to use

I am going to show you pros and cons of these techniques,  potential earning with a blog, or if you send your traffic to or

How to make money on facebook using Blogs:

  • A blog can be monetized in many ways( SEO, adverts, promoted, guest content, many referral systems etc…) but I will be looking at it from the social traffic point of view only. I use primarily Adsense and Taboola as the main adverts on my site. My typical RPM is between 2 – 4$. While focusing mainly on social traffic with this post I must point out that building a blog can also give you future prospects. The more popular it is the higher its value will be when it comes to selling. Using social to start boosting your blog is only really good to generate decent income but, if you do it right slowly you will start getting organic traffic from search engines generating further income.
  • As an example I would like to show a German blog of mine:
  • My earning in July 2016 from Adsense and Taboola is about nett $ 1500 with 1,5 millions of pageviews.
    Here is how it works out:
  • Income (before expenses):5 millions pageviews ->earned ~ $4646
  • Expenses:
    15$     -> server,
    2000$  -> at least 4 new viral articles every day, $20/article
    85$      -> It programmer as there is always something to do.
  • Profit before taxes: 2546$
  • Required daily work: If anything it truly is a 24/7 work if you want to achieve success (searching content , rewriting, scheduling etc…) 


    – building a Blog gives you a backup option in case anything happens to a social network


    – there is room for increasing revenue from guest posts or referral programs


    – you have more control over the content you share.


    –  A lot of work… content planning, market searching etc…


    – Much hassle with coordination between all parties – article writers, IT guys,


    – Constant Advert optimisation to monitor and increase all earning


    – There is very customer service is any with most of the advertiser company can be used n blogs…


Building a blog is just half the story as you will have to schedule your content for every 1-2 hours every day!  While it is a very-very labour intense ( pretty much a 24/7 work)  and hard way for earning money ~2646$( before Tax) for a month is not too bad. Especially if you can sell your blog after one or two years.

You can see my Adsense income report for July 2016 here:


You can see my Taboola income report for July 2016 here:



How to make money on facebook using

If you are after a safe, fast and hassle free method my recommendation would definitely be

I have been using for the last 3 months and I earned twice as much as with my blogs. Not to mention the vast amount of time I saved on scheduling etc…

Maxflow is basically a network of blogs which uses the same advertisers on their sites as you would with your individual blog. Maxflow was developed by a bunch of guys already making money from social networks but struggled to find a decent all in one solution to avoid the 24/7 working hours blog effect or to be forced into sharing poor quality content (such as mylikes) if they wanted to work less. So the created

The business idea behind it is very simple it comes from the fact that they share the cost of fresh viral content and maintenance costs amongst thousands of users of their network. The result is clearly that even after their profit each user get to keep the amount they would have had to spend on content and IT management for their own blogs.

In addition to this, they not only have a massive choice of high-quality FB and Google friendly content but also they test all of their posts through their network and put them in order according to popularity for  customers ease of use. There is also a very carefully designed scheduler system that is connected with all blogs that are in their portfolio enabling scheduling up posts for weeks in advance within a matter of few minutes!!!
My earning from maxflow in June 2016 is $4085 

Income (before expenses): $4085 

Expenses: 0

Profit before taxes: 4085$ 

Required daily work: 1-2 hours a week ( I currently set up 24 posts a day using their monster scheduler taking about 5 min / day )

eCPM( 5-15 or even 30$ )


– Highest earning – eCPM( 5-15 or even 30$ ) I have found so far – see my print screen below – ( they are using the combined traffic volume to negotiate advert fees so they are in better position to negotiate than individuals…)
– Wide selection of blogs and topics – all content is fully optimized and ready to be shared on any social platform
– Extremely time efficient system using their scheduling system (monster and light scheduler )
– Maxflow’s content can be shared via any social media email, facebook, twitter pinterst, etc….
– Google and Social friendly unique VIRAL content
– Pays on time with flexible payment method, default is monthly but weekly payment can be negotiated on individual basis
– very helpful customer service
– Well the only main disadvantage is that they are fairly new… which can be a bit risky when it comes to payments, although I have received all my payments already 2 times until now.
– Even though there will be 3rd parties content promotion through their network that option is currently not available.

I love it !!! As it is Great work! I have not only doubled my income with them but also have pretty much 99% of my time to focus on other businesses while my social traffic is generating money on auto pilot!!! I can only recommend it!

maxflow havi kimutatas

You can see my average eCPM report related to primary geographical locations for June 2016 here:

Maxflow eCPM

You can see my payment sum and successful withdrawal date the period of June 2016 here:

Maxflow - payment

How to make money on facebook using

  • The only reason I mention Mylikes here is because its basic idea is similar to,and it was the first in this field many years ago.
  • Overall it is a very poor quality system. Like with many other the only reason, I used it  that I was simply lazy writing my own content constantly so I used them az a backup from time to time. However, I have never been much of their fan as simply their content is terribly bad and disturbing ( mostly based on nudity or disgusting things)not to mention their poor wording and poor image quality, 10 pages long posts and a pure scam looking blogs. They also have family safe content and you can earn well with them, but again in rather poor quality. Their eCPM is about 4-7 $ for USA Traffic and 1-3$ for the other countries.
  • More too often( Like just recently!!! see print screen below), my Facebook sites got temporarily banned -I know guys whose Fb sites were blocked permanently due to poor spammy and inappropriate content using Mylikes only.My earning from Mylikes in June 2016 is $4085 Income (before expenses): $1900

  • Expenses: 
    post scheduler 45$
  • Profit before taxes: 1845 $ 
  • Required daily work: 1-2 hours a day (I an external post scheduler for mylikes post with subscribe of 45$/ month )
  • eCPM( 4-7$ for USA and 1-3$ for every other country)


– Ready content for manual sharing

– They are on the market for many years
– Weekly payment is optional over 10000$ earning

– content is mostly based on mostly based on nudity or disgusting things
– very bad user experience
– risking of loosing your FB account…
– aggressive , virus-like advertising strategy
– poor customer service


Used to be the only option. Like many, I had too many problems with them during their use. I don’t recommend mylikes to anyone unless everything else has failed…I also received many warning from my facebook pages fans, that they had been infected by viruses after opening my posts. My facebook account is currently suspended for 7 days due to sharing their content – see print screen below –

mylikes earning


 mylikes single post



Mylikes single post

Fb notice

fb note2


Thank you for your reading my article, and of course, these are my experiences only others may see things differently.

How to make money on facebook


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