Things to Be Aware of while Traveling to Third World Countries

Keeping yourself neat and clean is important but there are some occasions when you can’t do much about it and you remain at the discretion of others. Such a situation arises when you travel to some third world countries that are not developed yet and are struggling to provide a clean environment to their citizens. All we are saying is that you need to be a bit aware while travelling to these third world countries. Below are some of those things that we need to be aware of while travelling to these third world countries.

Drink water carefully- Water is one of those common necessities that we can’t live without and more than often we need it. However, you must know that drinking dirty and polluted water can put you in troubles which you never imagined before. For example polluted water can cause infestation of e-coli in your gut which is a pathetic situation n and once you are infested with this tiny creature you will end up wasting a large chunk of your saved money in the form of doctor’s fees. E-coli is just a single micro-organisms, there are many more micro organisms that can enter into your gut through water. Thus it is prudent for travelers to carry their own boiled water with them or buy bottled water that are registered under the company act. Drinking such labeled water could help you keep safe from many such infestations.

Be aware of whom you are meeting with- Let’s suppose that you are working in an NGO and to complete a report on how children live in rural areas of Ethiopia, India, or any other countries you need to meet those small children. But do you know most of these kids are infested with lice and these tiny organisms are very good in crawling and thus while you hug those poor children it can silently crawl to your head and then start laying eggs on your head. If kids caught lice in Hawaii then why can’t kids of these countries. Once they multiply their eggs it would be a tough task to get rid of these notorious organisms. Hence, when you are meeting with someone keep the lice factor in mind and behave wisely without compromising your work.

Be aware of pick pockets- Pick pocket is another problem we face in these third world countries and thus It is important to remain aware of them. The best way would be to carry your travel credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and you should do your payment through these cards only. Despite having cards if you wish to take some cash then divide the cash in three or four different bundles and put each bundle in a different pocket. It will reduce the chances of your money being stolen.

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