5 Ways How HR Consulting Can Help Startups

When small businesses or startup companies are introduced, usually, there is no HR in that organization. In most of the cases, when a company is just starting out, there is only one skilful person who deals with the recruitment, employee relations, payment grievances, training and updating, promotions etc.

However, it is absolutely imperative to have an HR department in the small startup companies and it should be conveyed to the new proprietors about how it can be beneficial for them. It is very important to have a dedicated HR for any startup company as this would involve a lot of plans, policies, making budgets and also discussing the long-term risks and goals of the company. Whether you are thinking to hire another firm such as Ottawa HR consulting or building your HR department, here are 5 reasons that your startup business needs human relationships.

Let us discuss in details.

  • Recruitment process and onboarding the employees

There is a certain decorum for everything to work properly. Although when we open a startup business we might not hire a large number of employees, but it is imperative for us to know about the procedure of the entire hiring process. This involves the rolling out a position, recruiting the best candidate, making logical decisions and also onboarding a plethora of new employees. All this might seem to be a cakewalk but in reality, it is not so. The hiring process also involves a lot of other procedures like giving the appointment letter, employment verification, data for payroll process, employment agreement and also equity paperwork.

  • Benefits from startups

Once the hiring process of the employees is over, the next step that we have to take is to provide offers to our employees that will initiate them to stay with the company including a competitive remuneration package inclusive of other benefits like health facilities, retirement benefits etc. For providing better benefits some of the aspects have to be in a proper place like the general outline of the salary structure, a proper system for managing and processing payrolls, plan to make health and retirement benefits available to the employee, paid time according to policy for vacation, sickness and also holidays.

  • Employee Relation

We might be extremely excited and busy with the starting of our business and might never think of some of the inevitable problems that are going to rise soon. One such problem is the grievances faced by the employees of the company. There might be issues that the employee is facing problems with and needs to be dealt with without any major outbursts. Therefore it is compulsory to have a policy outlining the standards of business conduct, a procedure to gather the general complaints that an employee has and a solid plan on our part of how we are going to deal with the problems.

  • Compliance, health and safety

Even if a company is new they are not exempted from doing away with the record keeping of health policies of the employees. Plans for emergency evacuation, sufficient exit routes, safe walking pathways, immediate medical aids etc must be taken care of.

  • Training, development and performance management

We might only be concerned with the upskilling and training of the employees and not really bother about the performance that they have been giving since their time in the organization. It is needed to keep your employees happy and have the performance showcased in the annual day of the company so that the employees are able to know about how they have been working and how an employee is promoted then what has been their level of performance which has instigated the growth. This will help the hierarchy to be transparent and the employee grievances will be eradicated once they are aware of their own data.

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