POWr Affiliate Program Review : Earn Recurring Income

POWr is a leading plugin library which has supported thousands of websites. So, the site owners use necessary plugins to supercharge their websites. The plugins could be anything like reviews, form builder, social media icons, media gallery and the list goes on. The basic motive of these plugins is to attract audience engagement, grab social followers and boost conversions. These plugins work on all site builders, blogging platforms and social networks. Today I am going to talk about POWr affiliate program. You can earn decent recurring commissions by referring customers to POWr. You’ll receive revenue until your referred customer stays with POWr.

How To Join POWr Affiliate Program?

To join as an affiliate click here and wait for their approval. They may take up to 3 days for reviewing your application. Once you get the approval, you’ll receive unique referral link and banners. You can straightaway start promoting POWr.

How To Promote POWr?

The affiliates can promote POWr in the following ways :

  • Place banners on your website or blog.
  • Write a blog post about POWr and embed your referral link within the article.
  • Make a YouTube video about POWr and leave your affiliate link below in the description.
  • Share your unique referral link on your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Send newsletters about POWr to your fellow bloggers or site owners.

However, the affiliate must follow some guidelines while promoting POWr. You are not supposed to refer yourself. Please do not spam to the irrelevant or uninterested people.

What Is The Commission Structure?

POWr pays 30% recurring commission on every sale irrespective of packages. You’ll receive commissions from your referral monthly renewals.

How Will You Get Paid?

POWr pay it’s affiliates on yearly basis. You have to reach $1000 to receive your payment. The payment option is PayPal.

Final Conclusion

One must try POWr affiliate program to earn decent income. The only drawback of this affiliate program is payment terms. POWr affiliates can share their experiences below. Hope you all liked POWr affiliate program review.

Join This Affiliate Program And Start Making Money !

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