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As the market for brokerage services has grown, the need to market products has flourished. Brokers are thriving but, there is stiff competition to generate leads to drive new customers to their brokerage services. Advertisement dollars are spent in many stages but one of the best bangs for the buck is affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a secondary market where individuals who sign up as affiliates send traffic to a broker. The goal is to send customers who are interested in trading forex and CFDs. For example, if you have a forex signal web site, you might consider monetizing your website traffic by sending customers to a forex broker. If one of your customers signs up, and then deposits capital and eventually makes a trade, you will be paid by the broker for acquiring the customer.

Brokers provide an affiliate service, because it is more cost affective for them to recruit partners then it is for them to try to advertise on their own. By setting up an affiliate program, a broker can extend their reach around the globe offering affiliate partners commissions for every customer they bring in the door.

Activelyinvesting Affiliate Program

Activelyinvesting affiliate program is the marketing for iFOREX has been trading the forex and CFD markets for more than 20-years and it a very reputable name within the forex space. Activelyinvesting is a prominent member within a market that is one of the fastest growing online industries today. You can take part in the growth of the capital market by participating as an affiliate and make money by letting future traders enter this increasingly popular financial market. There are very few requirements to becoming an affiliate, except for age which needs to be above 18.

The affiliate program offered by Activelyinvesting, is straight forward and easy to use. Once you are approved by the company, you will receive an HTML link that will allow you to track your clients. You will also be privy to many different reports the company that will allow you to track the progress of your clients. You will also receive information on the payout structure. Make sure you negotiate a payout structure that is in your best interest and meets your financial goals.

Support Services

One of the best attributes of is their support services. The company will provide affiliates with multi-lingual support services. You will have direct access to their customer support team will be available to answer any questions regarding set up, account details, payment information or any additional questions that pertain to working directly with

Spreading Your Wings

Not only can you benefit from referring clients to, you can also bring in additional affiliate marketers, which will allow you to further grow your business. You can receive additional compensation as you add to your affiliate empire. While having a website for your business can be helpful it is not necessary. There are many ways to conduct a very effective marketing campaign and can provide you with consultation and materials to support your work.

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