How To Become An Online Trading Affiliate


Affiliate marketing is a business opportunity. The goal of this business is for you to use your ability to entertain readers or video viewers in order to drive traffic to a web site and generate revenues. The more traffic you drive to an affiliate partner’s web site, the better chances you have to generate conversions. There are a few steps you need to take in order to become an online trading affiliate.

What are the First Steps?

You need to determine if you have something to say that others are likely to read or watch. If you already have a web site that you are looking to monetize, then an affiliate partnership is a great choice. If you are looking to see how to make money online, a trading affiliate is a great choice if you know something about trading and finance. You don’t need to have a web site, although it is helpful. You can use social media such as Facebook Instagram or Snapchat.

Once you have a website up and running or have posted several items on social media, you can find an affiliate partner in the trading sector. The best partners are those that are brokers and pay for new customers who will trade. If you appeal to investors who are actively investing, you might be able to benefit from a long term partnership.

Once your affiliate partner approves your website or social media platform, they will provide you with a link to their website. You need to imbed the link they provide you into your web site or social media posts. This link will bring your readers or viewers directly to your affiliate partner’s web site and track those clients as they move about your partner’s web site. If the clients you send to your affiliate partner deposit capital and make a trade, you will get paid.

How Much are You Paid?

The amount that you are paid can vary from broker to broker. Some pay a cost of acquisition (CPA) of up to $600 per client. Others pay a revenue share, which allows you to become a virtual broker. You will share in the amount of revenue the clients generate for the broker for as long as the client continues to trade with the web site.

You will only get paid if a trade is transacted. Brokers are leery of deposits where there is no trade generated. Brokers want to make sure there is a real client that has deposited capital, and their confirmation is a deposit and a trade. Additionally, if you have multiple clients that deposit capital and make only a single trade, your affiliate partner may become leery of the traffic that you send them.


To become an affiliate partner of an online trading partner, you need to have a client base that likes what you have to say. You can either set up a web site or post social media commentary, where you can embed a link that will bring your clients to your affiliate partner’s web site. Once your traffic deposits capital and makes a trade, you will get paid for the cost of the acquisition.

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