Binance Affiliate Program: Join And Increase Your Revenue

We are going to talk about the Binance affiliate program in this post.

Do you know what is Binance?

The Binance is one of the top crypto exchanges in the world.

Here you can read a great article about Binance review.

Earlier we discussed the Coinbase affiliate program.

The Binance affiliate program is similar to it.

You will earn commission for every trade your referral makes.

Who Can Join The Binance Affiliate Program? (Requirements)

The Binance affiliate program is open to:

  • YouTubers
  • Crypto community leaders
  • Content Creators
  • Media houses
  • Media writers

To become an affiliate, you should satisfy these requirements:

  • Social media accounts with 5000+ followers
  • Communities with 500+ members
  • Businesses and organizations with 2000+ user base
  • All media publishing sites

How To Join the Binance Affiliate Program?

Unlike other affiliate programs, there is no specific page available for affiliate signup.

However, you can visit their blog page and find the form where you can apply as an affiliate.

Once you apply, your application will get reviewed within a week.

After getting approval, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to guide you in promotions.

You can ask for creatives or content for promoting Binance.

How Does The Binance Affiliate Program Work?

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, signs up as a customer and trade, you will be eligible to earn commission.

The commissions are valid when your referrals trade on Binance Spot, Futures, Margin trading and Binance Pool.

You can earn from every product that your referral uses for trading.

How Much Can Binance Affiliates Make?

The Binance affiliate commission ranges from 41% to 50%.

The default commission is 41% where as you can earn 50% when you are successful in referring at least 1000 members.

The commission structure is recurring.

What Are The Benefits Of Binance Affiliate Program?

  • You are working with top crypto exchange.
  • The Binance offers attractive bonuses to top performers.
  • Being an affiliate, you can link to any Binance product.
  • The commission structure is pretty decent.
  • Referral program

Do Binance Have A Referral Program?

The Binance referral program is lucrative too.

You can invite friends by visiting

You can earn up to 40% commission from every trade your invitees make.

Binance referral program

What Are The Cons?

Let us be honest. This affiliate program is not for everyone. It has some strict requirements that any ordinary affiliate cannot fulfil.

Even if you are successful in getting approval, you need to refer more than 50 users and at least 10% of them should trade.

When you are unable to fulfil the above requirements, your referrals must reach a quarterly trading volume worth 50 BTC.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

Q. So, is Binance affiliate program ideal for anyone?

Ans. Absolutely not. But, you can make $2000+ monthly in affiliate commissions when you are having at least 100 action taking referrals.

One should give a try to this affiliate program only when you have decent followers.

Instead you can try inviting friends through the referral program.

If you had worked with Binance as an affiliate, then share your experiences.

Hope this Binance affiliate program review help the people while getting started.

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