Gusto Affiliate Program (2023): Join Today and Earn Cash

We will be talking about the Gusto affiliate program in this post.

Before getting into the affiliate review, we should know about Gusto.

The true meaning of Gusto is “enjoyment and enthusiasm in doing something.

What Is Gusto?


Gusto is a platform that manages payrolls, HR and other benefits.

Be it a small, growing or an established business, Gusto manages these things efficiently.

They are also helping in starting new businesses.

Over 10,000 small businesses and 7000 accounting firms are using Gusto.

Gusto mainly provides services like Payroll, Hiring and Onboarding, HR expertise, Employee benefits, time tools and others.

To learn more about Gusto, read this review from

What Is Gusto Affiliate Program?

Just like any other affiliate program, you will be earning fat cash for bringing businesses.

According to Gusto, “If you have an audience of US-based small business owners, CEOs, accountants, or HR folks, you could earn money as a Gusto affiliate.”

So, having decent US-based businesses in your connections would help your revenue grow.

At the time of writing this content, the Gusto has collaborated with Shareasale.

The Gusto affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in Shareasale.

If you are a member of Shareasale, then you can straightaway search for Gusto and apply for the program.

For the new members, create an account in Shareasale as an affiliate for free!

To become a Gusto affiliate, visit

After signing up, the Gusto team will review your application and let you know the status through E-Mail.

How Can Affiliates Promote Gusto?

There are many ways to promote any product or service. We mainly focused on a few strategies that could actually help you in grabbing customers.

1. Organize webinars related to small businesses, HR, payrolls or benefits.

Once you are done with them, share your affiliate link with the webinar participants.

2. YouTube will be a great platform to make some referrals. If you do not have any channel, then create one.

Make a video about setting up businesses and how Gusto can really help them.

Leave your affiliate link in the video’s description.

3. Build healthy US-based business connections on LinkedIn.

Please do not jump into promotions straightaway once connections are made otherwise, they may block you for spamming.

You should travel for some time until trust is established on both sides.

Later, convince them to use Gusto.

4. Promote Gusto on social media.

Social media is a powerful medium to promote anything.

Share your affiliate link on your social profiles like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

5. Write a blog post or review about Gusto.

You could also write engaging content related to small businesses, Human resources, recruitment, payroll or employee benefits.

Apart from creating content, you could also place affiliate banners on your websites.

What Are the Gusto Affiliate Program Commission Rates?

You will earn $10o+ per sale for every qualified customer.

For a qualified accountant lead, you will earn $50.

The sky is the only limit. You can refer as many small businesses you can.

Why Should Someone Join the Gusto Affiliate Program?

  • You will be working with a reputable platform.
  • The cookie period is 120 days. When someone comes back and subscribes within 120 days from clicking the affiliate link, you will earn commission.
  • The promotional material like banners and landing pages are highly optimized and engaging.
  • Being an affiliate, you can enjoy bonuses and incentives. Apart from them, you can also receive special offers.
  • The affiliates can receive dedicated support from Gusto team.

How Can Affiliates Reach the Support Team?

If you have any questions related to the affiliate program, write to [email protected].

What Is the Final Conclusion?

The Gusto affiliate program is ideal for the affiliates who have a decent US-based audience in their list.

Have you worked with Gusto as an affiliate?

We would love to hear about your work experience.

Hope this Gusto affiliate program review helps people while getting started.

Join the Gusto affiliate program and start earning profits!

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