4 Ways Your Content Creation Can Earn You Money

Do you enjoy creating original content to post consistently for your friends and family? Have you ever earned followers you don’t know because they enjoy what you post? If so, you’re only a few steps away from being a content creator!

But you don’t have to be a content creator as just another hobby — you can also make money. Learn more about what a content creator does so you know if it’s right for you and see how you can make money by posting online.


What Exactly is a Content Creator?

Content creators develop, execute and produce unique material online to engage, entertain, or educate followers.  Whether you’re looking for a side hustle to try or you want content creation to be your career, cultivating a following will be essential to establishing yourself as a creator.

Some of the more obvious examples of content are blogs, podcasts, videos, photography, art, and music, but content can also be how-to manuals, e-books, educational materials, and infographics. Once you’ve established yourself, you can leverage your content to make money from your work.

Once you’re creating content regularly and earning your followers, here’s how you can start making money.

1. Provide Online Education

Your followers respect you and likely want to learn what you know. Providing courses either on a third-party platform or on your site can meet the demand of your followers while earning money.

You can sell individual classes or a series of webinars that customers can pay for in a package so that they may select the topics that are most relevant to them. Online courses may also promote other types of material, such as e-books and how-to guides.

2. Try Your Hand at Consulting

If you have the expertise to offer beyond educational content, consider adding coaching. This will allow your followers to participate in a one-on-one online training event to discuss approaches relevant to your realm of experience.

For example, you can provide portfolio critiques for other content producers to analyze their artwork, videos, or written work. While many followers may enjoy more content, you can charge top dollar for individualized services by adding value to what you offer.

3. Start Offering Paid Subscriptions

Subscriptions offer paid, special memberships to the audience of content creators through exclusive, ad-free, or continuous content. Sites like YouTube started the trend, but even Instagram is getting onboard.

To maximize revenue, influencers might combine memberships with other money-generating materials, such as access to exclusive art prints or extra subscription-only videos. Depending on your niche, subscription services may also provide written material, such as serial publications such as newsletters, periodicals, or fiction pieces.

4. Selling Custom Merchandise

Selling your brand-specific products can kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you make money when your followers who trust you buy your stuff, but you’ll also get free marketing exposure when they share it on their own channels or post reviews on other platforms.

While this does entail having to use third-party vendors to create your merchandise and invest a little more, it can be worth it in the long run. Don’t forget to analyze the profit margins before you decide to move forward.


Developing a career as a content developer can allow you to follow your creative interests and artistic expression in various specialty areas. It can also cement you as a significant voice in your area of expertise, which may help you connect with other leading brands.

By providing online education, offering individualized coaching, offering subscriptions, or selling merch, you can start earning more money while doing something you love online.

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