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    Sandeep Kumar

    Hi Suresh….
    Frankly speaking I am in blogging since Aug 2011 but I have never tried Adsense/Amazon on my blog but recently I have put Adsense code on my blog and I am getting good response.
    My next project would be starting a blog that will target some Amazon products.

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      Suresh vurity

      Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for stopping by my site. It is nice to hear that Adsense is performing well on your site. I wish you great success for your project. πŸ™‚

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    You are failing to mention that starting mid June 2013, Ebay will be paying much less to affiliates for clicks from users who already have accounts. This was announced by EPN at the beginning of April 2013. On average this means a 50% payout cut for EPN publishers. Amazon is now becoming the better alternative for payouts in most situations. –

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    Nice article Vurity Suresh. The article was quite enlightening especially were you said “Unlike the Affiliation program offered by Amazon, an entrepreneur working with eBay gets commission even if the time taken by generation of sale is 7 days after the click of the buyer. In addition to that the entrepreneur also gets the commission if any new user registers in 30 days after the click is made by him. So eBay pays for both the things, for any product sold as well as if any new user registers on the site. So this proves to be a plus point for entrepreneurs”. But, from my own opinion I prefer Amazon to ebay because of their reputation, trustworthiness and their site is easier to navigate through easily & find what you’re looking for quickly.

    Don’t you think so Suresh?

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      Suresh vurity

      Hi Victor,

      Thank you for stopping by my article. I’m glad you like it. Yes I agree with your perspective. When it comes to reputation and usability, Amazon is far behind eBay but commission wise Ebay is good. Thanks for the comment mate.

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    Arun Prasath

    Nice write up bro, I am going to try Amazon! πŸ™‚

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      Suresh vurity

      Thanks bro. I wish you great success with Amazon. πŸ™‚

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    Vivek Jain

    Nice Article Suresh!
    Keep it up with the same writing quality.
    You have described this topic of Affiliate so neatly for the visitors.
    Thanks for providing this unique information for best in ebay vs amazon.
    Thanks again!

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      Suresh vurity

      Hi Vivek,

      Nice to see you on my site mate. I’m glad you like this article. Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚

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    jai vignesh

    Openly saying I don’t trust Amazon. I think Amazon really needs to get their money situation in line first. I sell on e-bay when I can. And at same time if you are selling on EBAY! Based from experience, there is no such thing as seller protection program there.Pay pal is lesser of the two problems.


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