How To Make Money With is a new alternative to the Google Adsense program. Now bloggers and publishers can make money with The Yahoo Bing contextual ads network partnered with advertising network. The RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions) of is high which made it a best competitor to AdSense. The major advantage is that the advertisements served by are showing relevancy to the niche. The publishers can customize the size, colors and skin of the advertisements. They can block certain set of ads to show up on their sites. Basically the revenue model of the is CPM ( Cost Per 1000 Impressions) based. is offering different types of advertising solutions like content based, search targeting, web bar and mobile ads.

The major requirements of a website to take part and make money with program are as follows :

1. The site must contain great and original content and be able to generate good traffic from US, UK and Canada.

2. The site must update very often and strictly follow copyright guidelines.

3. The sites meant for advertising are not allowed to join program.

4. The sites which encourage hatred speeches, racism, drugs, pornography, piracy, warez and any illegal content would be disapproved by

5. The sites should not encourage invalid clicks to generate traffic.

6. won’t approve the sites which are under construction, free hosted and parked.

Payment pays its publishers on net 30 basis via wire transfer or PayPal. The threshold amount is $100.

1. The RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions) of is very high when compared to other ad networks.

2. The publishers can run ads along with AdSense on their sites.

3. The customer support team of is very helpful and you can get the prompt response from them.

4. The advertisements are highly targeted, performance based and relevant to the niche of the website.

5. Besides contextual ads, they also offer Display and Video ads to selected customers.

6. They take a maximum of two business days to assess the websites that apply for the publisher program.

7. Referral Bonus : Anyone who signs up using my referral link with, is eligible for an additional 10% for 3 months over and above their usual earnings.

8. Dedicated Account Manager : Every publisher with gets a dedicated account representative, irrespective of the scale and size of the website

1. The publisher needs to apply for each site separately unlike Google AdSense which requires only one time approval.

2. doesn’t reveal CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click Through Ratio) statistics.

3. won’t approve Non-English websites to take part in the publisher program.

To join the publisher program go to and click Request An Invite.

Final Conclusion: This is how one can make money with It is a great alternative to Google AdSense.

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Suresh is author and owner of He loves to help people by teaching the ways to make money online with advertising and affiliate programs. He is also passionate about technology and love to write reviews.

34 Responses

  1. Jan Christian says:

    I just put ads on my blog. I really hope they pay good, thanks for the info!

  2. Jijin Mohan says:

    Insightful post on ads, never tried it, but soon. Thanks man!

    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Mohan,
      Thank you so much for the comment. I am glad you like the post. is one of the best alternatives to adsense. Yeah try it bro. 🙂

  3. Chetan says:

    I am Using ads one of my blog. its very good who was not getting adsense Approval

  4. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Jan,
    Thank you for the comment. It is nice to know that you are using ads on your blog. I have just seen them and they are really cool. I wish you good luck. 🙂

  5. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Chetan,
    Thank you for the comment. It is good to hear that you are using ads on your blog. works well when you are able to get traffic from US and UK. I wish you good luck bro. 🙂

  6. Shawn Yankey says:

    Great post! I am going to look into this service for my adds because Adsense keeps rejecting me. Thanks for the tip!

    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Shawn,
      Thank you for the comment. Many people who are rejected by Adsense are choosing I wish you good luck. 🙂

  7. Valerij says:

    Hi i set them ads too!Thanks for info

  8. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Valerij,
    Thank you for stopping by my post. I wish you great success. 🙂

  9. Bijuterias no atacado says:

    Hi Suresh, I found your article a useful support guide. Thanks !

  10. Anil says:

    Thank bro for this great tips for me. Recently I was searching one of best Google adsense alternatives.

  11. Sadek says:

    I have just started using ads, is there any charges for wire transfer ?

  12. Sadek says:

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

  13. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Sadek,
    Congrats for the approval. Yes the bank may charge you minimal fee to receive earnings via Wire transfer. The charges may vary from bank to bank. You need to contact your bank for more information. I wish you great success. 🙂

  14. Jayant says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I used but all I got was $0.00 CPM. I contacted them but earnings (zero) didn’t improve so I had to ditch them.

    Can you suggest any ad network good for Indian Bloggers.

    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Jayant,

      It is bad to hear that you haven’t gained anything from Unfortunately doesn’t perform well for Indian targeted sites or blogs. I strongly recommend affiliate marketing ( CPA) rather than relying on contextual advertising programs. I hope it helps. 🙂

  15. Mohammad Taha says:


    I applied ads on my site and just 15 days have been passed. They said they will give payment in end of July as they follow 30 day payment system. So I provided my bank details, does all banks support wire transfer or some? If some so it means I will lose my payment? I’m from Pakistan.


    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Mohammad,

      It is good to hear that you have been approved as a publisher. Yes almost every bank accepts wire transfer. But, it is my sincere suggestion to go with Paypal as the deduction price is higher with Wire transfer as compared to Paypal. I hope it helps you. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  16. Alex Smaithz says:

    I am Alex Smaithz. after register from check email not link invite
    Why? (GMail)

  17. EL says:

    This is a good general post discussing media nets ad program. I was looking for something more in depth but thanks for the info.

  18. Laria says:

    As of right now I am using, but I may give them up soon based on my experience and the fact that many other bloggers are having issues with getting paid for their impressions.

    I am getting impressions primarily from US,CA, and UK yet my rom says zero while last week I was earning daily with them.

    To put it simply, I am getting more impressions, but not earning money from them, if they don’t fix it or if they don’t explain it, then I am done and will just stick to other income methods. Ya know, ones that actually pay.

  19. Mohammad Yusuf says:

    Hi Admin

    I have also approved with Now will see response. Well thanks for the Post

  20. I just got approved with, how to make a setup ads that can work perfectly with my WordPress site?

  21. is best alternative of adsense and really have good ads theme i really like its so straight forward more than adsense !!

  22. Victor says: rocks, they are best alternative to adsense with higher pay , a lot testifying making more money on to Google adsense . Great ad network!


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