The Best Cloud Software for Your Business

As a business owner you are probably aware that your company would struggle to run without the numerous bits of software you use on a daily basis. Whether it is for word processing, spreadsheets or paying your staff, you use software on a daily basis.

The most modern businesses out there will have embraced the cloud and if you want to as well, here are some good programs for you to start with.


Accounting and payroll are central to your business. If you are unable to pay your staff on time they may lack motivation to do a good job and you must be aware of the issues if you get on the wrong side of HMRC.

To fully embrace the cloud, you will need to use cloud accounting software that understands the needs of a business that has an online presence, such as Sage One.  They have a new Accounts Extra programme which may be just what you’re looking for where online accounting is concerned.

Such software will work with the cloud so you can save your accounting data online for extra security.

Google Apps

You probably already use the likes of Microsoft Word or Excel for your business, and most likely on a daily basis. However, the world is global now and with people often working from home and having offices based in different countries licensing software can be a problem. There can also be compatibility issues when using older versions.

Google Apps is a fully online program that has every piece of software a business needs, including Google Docs, Gmail and Calendar. Your staff will be able to sign in and carry on exactly where they left off, wherever they may be.

Storage software

Everyone has been there. You have decided to take your work home with you but have realised a vital document or spreadsheet was not saved to your laptop or memory stick. With cloud storage you can connect your account and save documents wherever you sign in, which will reduce frustration such as the above.

Arguably the most popular piece of cloud software for this purpose is DropBox, which is simple but does exactly what is required.  You get a set amount of free space and can buy extra gigabytes if required.

Connect remotely

To keep staff morale up, sometimes members of your team may wish to work from a home office on occasion. The fact that their work is stored on their work computer does not need to be an issue. With LogMeIn, a staff member can connect his or her home computer to their work one and pick up where they left off the previous day at the office.

Don’t forget anything

Post-It notes and notepads are a staple in the office environment but why not move those to the cloud too? With Evernote, you can take notes and share them on any compatible device, such as your phone or tablet. A premium account allows more users. Your notes will now be all in one place, with dates and tags if needed.

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