18 Top Questions And My Answers On Quora : Blog Monetization

This page displays the questions that were asked on Quora and answers given by me. You can follow me on Quora. I posted the questions and answers that are relevant to the blogging, affiliate marketing and monetization.

1. How long should a blog post title be?

If you are having a high authority blog, then the title doesn’t matter much. I have seen many established blogs publishing posts with titles longer than 100 characters. But, the recommended length of the title is 60 characters. Your blog post title will be shown up to 60 characters in the search results.

2. Is it necessary to buy a domain for monetization of a blog?

Not necessary, you can monetize your Blogspot blog using Google AdSense hosted account. But, trust me you cannot earn much. At the same you do not own your content on Blogspot blog. Yes, you heard it right. The Google can take down your blog anytime. So, it is quite risky. Even if you redirect your blogspot blog to the custom domain (yourname.com), it is not safe either.

If you are really serious about the blogging, then it is better to migrate from Blogspot to WordPress as soon as possible.

3. What is the difference between the Google AdSense and media.net ad networks?

There are not much differences when it comes to execution. The AdSense is owned by Google and Yahoo! Bing alliance network manages Media.net. Both the ad networks shows contextual adverts. That means they will display advertisements that matches the website’s niche.

Even though Google AdSense tries to deliver relevant ads, Media.net is perfect in relevancy. I agree that AdSense gives you high CTR compared to Media.net. If your site has a Tier 1 traffic, then you can earn decent income with Media.net. The earnings will be worse for Asian traffic.

The Google doesn’t have a referral program while Media.net will pay you 10% commission from the referral’s earnings. Read this article about the Media.net affiliate program.

While coming to the support, Google doesn’t help the publishers at any point. Whereas you can expect the dedicated support from the Media.net.

4. What kind of blogging tips are necessary for beginners?

The beginner must focus on content rather than thinking of making money out of it. If you do not add value to the visitors, you are waste. The first thing that you must do is setting up a self hosted blog. The reason is it has got more advantages like branding and monetizing. Create a compelling and engaging content. Write for the real people, rather than for the search engine bots. Be consistent in writing.

Share your posts on social media. Maintain healthy relationships with fellow bloggers. Do not jump into monetization straightaway without having adequate content and traffic.

5. How do I earn $5,000 from Google AdSense?

Okay let me ask you few questions before answering this question. What type of traffic do you have? Is it organic or referral? What are the geos? Do you have majority of the Tier 1 traffic? What is your site’s niche? Do you have quality traffic? Could you please tell me about the number of subscribers and social media followers? Do you run PPC campaigns for getting traffic to your websites? How many ad units are you using per page? What are the ad placements?

Earning $5000 monthly is not a big deal as many bloggers are earning more than $10000 monthly. The foremost thing is how much value you give to your readers. You must help people when they need something. For instance, Shoutmeloud blog is a knowledge hub for bloggers. So, people frequently come to their blog whenever they need something. The trustworthiness is one factor that helps you to reach your financial goals.

These tips may help you :

  • Create best and engaging content.
  • Make a list of subscribers.
  • Always be active on social media. Share your old content daily on Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you have a YouTube channel with your blog’s name, then link to it.
  • Optimize your posts. Share them frequently on all blogging platforms.
  • Connect with the fellow bloggers in all niches. Subscribe to their blogs as well.
  • Join affiliate programs in your niche and start promoting their products/services on your blog.
  • After getting decent traffic, sell your ad spaces.
  • You can also publish sponsored content on your blog for money.

6. What is the easiest source to earn online?

There is no easiest method for earning online. It will not happen in a day. However if you are talented, creative and skilled, then there are platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork. Even it takes time to get recognition.

The YouTube monetization needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours in a year. If you create a blog, you need to deliver the best content. For making money, you need to have adequate traffic.

You can try your luck with affiliate marketing. Not all networks would look for experienced people. Before that you need to have enough knowledge about the product or service that you are going to promote. There are many free resources available on the Internet. Research well and jump into it. The affiliate program will be absolutely free to join.

Source : Step by step guide to make money online

7. The visitor of my website is approximately 52,000, but Google AdSense pays too low. Why?

Could you please elaborate your question further? Do you have this number in a month or in a day? Are they unique? If your website has 52,000 unique visitors in a month, then congratulations. You will generate revenue on the basis of clicks and impressions.

If your website attracted higher ad impressions and very low clicks, then the revenue will be less. Again the AdSense looks at the geos. The CPC/CPM rate will be high for Tier 1 traffic. May I know the percentage of US traffic? If the percentage of Asian traffic is high, then your revenue will be low.

If you have a decent US traffic and earning low, then please look at the placements. How many ad units have been used per page? Did you implement the AdSense auto ads and native ads?

If you still dissatisfied with the AdSense revenue, then I will recommend the best alternative. Recently my friend has experimented with Newor Media ad network. Believe me, he is earning 200% more than that of AdSense. Please read this review of Newor Media.

8. What is the possibility of earning money through online blogs in 2020? Already started voice search so no one comes to the blogs.

There is still possibility of earning through blogging. Yes there are major developments happening in this area. We must also focus on other things like affiliate marketing, YouTube channel, Instagram, and creating more blogs. Mostly the site owners rely completely on SEO. Apart from organic traffic, we must also concentrate on social media and subscriptions.

There is a myth that only organic traffic can fetch substantial income. I have seen many bloggers earning thousands of dollars monthly from referral traffic, mainly social media and subscribers. They do not have much organic traffic. It is a time to think of launching your own product or service. If you cannot do it, then affiliate marketing will certainly help you.

9. Why am I not earning from a blog? I have 1000+ views in total.

After going through your blog, I understood that you have attracted 1000+ views. But, let me clarify your doubt first. The revenue models of any ad network are CPC and CPM. In some cases it is CPA. The CPM is calculated on the basis of 1000 impressions. So, your blog must generate at least 1000 views per day. However you will end up earning peanuts with 1000 views daily. If you take the example of AdSense, they need both pageviews as well as clicks.

Coming to your blog, it is hosted on Blogspot. If you want to create wonders, please migrate to WordPress or any other self hosting platform. Even if you migrate to WordPress, there is no guarantee for earnings. You need to work on content, optimization and traffic for generating the revenue. It may take some time but it is very much possible to earn the decent income. There are many ad networks and affiliate programs other than the AdSense.

10. Do we have to use easy words while writing a blog for ranking?

That depends on your targeted audience. When you target any third world country, then make sure you use simple and understandable words. While targeting a Tier 1 audience, you must be little conscious about the words. There is no issues if you use difficult and big words. Of course we must not say difficult as their native language is English.

But, if you are targeting the global audience, make it simpler. The reason is more than half of the population are non-native English speakers. You can use Flesch scoring tool for checking the readability. This feature comes with all SEO plugins.

11. What is the best Google AdSense alternative to earn $50 per day?

Even if you have huge traffic, you cannot earn much with AdSense. Coming to your question, you can earn more than $50 daily with Newor Media and affiliate marketing. If you haven’t heard about this ad network, then please read this review.

I was skeptical when I heard about it. But, I was really surprised with the results. My friend showed the results. He is earning more than 200% of AdSense earnings.

Coming to affiliate marketing, there are thousands of programs where you can earn decent commissions. Please choose the best affiliate programs in your niche for promotions. You can promote multiple programs at a time on your blog. But, it is not so easy as I said. There are other strategies like landing pages, social media promotions, PPC, newsletters and many.

You can earn more than $50 daily with affiliate marketing alone. But, if you use best ad network along with affiliate marketing, you will earn more.

12. Will blog writing improve a website’s traffic?

There are many blogs that are really attracting great traffic but poor in writing. The traffic doesn’t come with your write up. However it may help to some extent. If your content is great, you can expect repeated visitors to your blog. But, when it comes to search engine rankings, you have to work on keywords.

You cannot drive huge traffic until you optimize your website properly. You should look up to both on page and off page optimization. Like others said, you can also use social media and guest posting to improve the site’s rankings.

13. How do I design a blog that users get high experience and click on ads?

Great question. Almost all ad networks are against to it. As long as you add value to the people, you do not need to worry about the design. The Google AdSense love sites that gives importance to the user experience. You must design your blog so that it is easy for the users to navigate. Make sure that it is not clumsy.

If you design for making quick bucks through ads, then it would be extremely difficult for visitors to navigate. My advice is please do not stress yourself for the monetization part. Please concentrate on creating the killer content.

When you give the value to the readers, they will come back to your blog frequently. Eventually, you will see the revenue going up.

14. My blog has 6 articles and 140 unique readers every month since Last January. Should I continue or not?

Are you asking whether you need to continue your blogging? If yes, then let me ask you few questions. Why did you start a blog? If you are really passionate about the writing, then please continue it. Even if you have a good knowledge about the niche, then there is no point in leaving the blog.

If you do not have any knowledge, then your blog would not have 140 unique readers monthly. The consistency is important in blogging. If you cannot manage your time, then please try to collaborate with other bloggers in your niche.

Once your blog attracts decent traffic, you can monetize it. The revenue will be shared between you and your partner.

15. How much monthly traffic do you need to get advertisers interested in advertising on your WordPress blog?

No advertiser would like to lose their hard earned money investing on low traffic sites. I personally know some direct advertisers. When I asked about the requirement, majority of them told that they would look for sites having at least 30,000 unique page views monthly. Among these impressions, make sure that the major share is from Tier 1 countries.

16. Will your blog rank lower if you remove its comment section?

There may be some impact on rankings if you remove it. On the other hand there are many blogs that are ranking well without comments section. It depends on the authority. The problem comes with the removal of the existing comments. Trust me, the user interactions always help your site to rank well. The downside of comments is spam. But, there are lot of plugins that fight the spam. By the way why do you like to remove the comment section. Keep them.

17. Which platform is best for earning, “YouTube” or a “blog website”?

It depends on the niche. But, I have seen ranking YouTube videos is easy compared to the websites. If you are a active and creative person, then try YouTube. But, there are certain rules imposed by YouTube for monetizing videos. Your channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes watched time in a year. However it depends on the topic and competition.

The blogs are over competitive. It is not easy to rank them and make money out of it. It requires a lot of effort. Again I am not talking about all niches. My suggestion is start a blog and YouTube channel with same name and content. There are good chances to earn in either ways.

18. Is it possible to make money from a totally new blog or do you think only old bloggers have that profit?

Let me ask you a question first. Why do you want to start a blog? Is it to earn money?

Yes earning money is the ultimate goal for anyone. When we talk about blogging, you have to contribute really something for your readers or visitors. If you blog purposely for the sake of money, then you will end with nothing.

After starting my blog, I didn’t earn a single penny for 2 years. But, I acquired experience. I learned that you will not earn money from blogging unless you do not add value to your readers. Ask any experienced or successful blogger, they are earning tons of money because they focused on adding value to the readers. Many people have gained help through their informative articles.

So, if you help people you will be successful in blogging. It applies to all niches. When people look your blog for the solutions for their problems, you are successful. It is not easy as I said. It requires lot of consistency, sincerity and patience. It is not possible to earn thousands of dollars straightway starting a blog.

On the other hand, it is possible to earn decent income from affiliate marketing in less time But, you must be proficient in affiliate marketing and SEO. You can setup a specific niche blog, rank the keywords, make sales and generate profits. However you need to implement the few strategies.

Final words : Focus on content, write for people, get traffic and earn smart income.

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