Zimmber Application Review

ZimmberOne tap and bam a service man at your doorstep. Ready to do all the tiresome work earlier you had to do. Sounds unbelievable? Not anymore. Zimmber handy man services are the answers to your query. They have recently launched a mobile application. You can easily download it from Google play. It is a free application. Using the link you can easily download the application and start using it.

Link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zimmber

Zimmber provides handy professional help to their customers in various services. The services provided by them are AC Service & Repair, painting walls, electronic instruments assistance, carpentry and what not. Now, one does not have to run here and there and worry about the people working in your house. Zimmber application provides professional set of people to help you out. Though these handy man services are provided in Mumbai and pune only right now, but the developers are planning to introduce this service to various other metropolitan cities.

This application completely provides you the control. The services provided by them can be explained like for electronic devices they take care of its installation or if any repairs are required. AC services means installation and repair or other issues related to it. House painting wherein one would want to give a new look to their house, zimmber helps you with it.

The prices charged by them for these services are quite reasonable. Moreover if you get professional help to do your work then what else is required? One just has to install the application from the above given link. No price is charged for installing the application. Three simple steps and your work is over. So what exactly you haveto do? Let’s see

  1. Send in your problem i.e. you have report your problem in the application
  2. Give details i.e. the address, preferable time for the service man to arrive.
  3. Payment- one has to select the payment mode from the given options

Your job is done. See, it’s that simple. Now the service man will arrive and do his job!

The easy user interface is an added advantage to the user. No assistance is required there. What makes zimmber stand out of the crowd? Regularity in services, professional human force, transparent system, reasonable prices is what it guarantees. With the level of stress or burden one’s life has zimmber mobile app is like a breath of fresh air. It helps people save time and energy to get their work done with just a few clicks! Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. With the information you give them they will provide you the best services possible. Multiple address option is a cherry on the top. Same user can get different services done at different destinations at same or different time. Check out this Zimmber App Review too

A mobile application that charges reasonably for its services, provides professional help and is regular with its services is a new life to the urban population. So zimmber is the solution to all your problems. Isn’t it?

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