How To Introduce Perks That Employees Want

If your company has been wondering how it can continue to add value to your employees’ lives, then it is worth considering how you want to offer them corporate perks that will affect their lives positively. While traditional perks have been useful in the past, today’s workforce is looking for a more individualized experience and is more open to finding solutions that work specifically for them.

When you are looking to find a way to make your employees’ work experiences better, then you might want to consider looking into other options. Here’s how you can add some more perks that your workers will love.

Ask what they struggle with

Your employees are going to offer you the best form of feedback when it comes to choosing the right perks for your business. You might notice that they all tend to have aspects of their work lives that are frustrating and that you notice pop up again and again. This might be related to health insurance, day care for their children, or not having enough time to work with a cause they care about. See what the general consensus is with a survey and ask what you can change.

Speak to them individually

During their yearly review, make sure to sit down with your employees and ask them how their lives are going outside of work and if there is anything you can specifically help them with. You might learn something new about your team and what needs they might have from you as an employer. You might also want to work out some individual perks that seem fair for each of your employees, such as a remote work day if they have kids or additional time off for volunteer work or therapy.

Be open to nontraditional options

While a bonus and gift can be helpful when showing appreciation for a job well done, it won’t affect your workers’ lives on a day-to-day basis. This is where having some nontraditional options for perks can be a highly effective way to build loyalty and make their lives better. Not only does this increase work performance for you, but it also helps your employees to feel as though you care personally about their well-being and the quality of work they bring to the table.

Review once a year

Lives change, and it’s likely that the same benefits that worked a year ago might not be as pertinent over the years. This is why it is important to sit down with your employees on a regular basis and talk about what they need from you as a boss and which perks could help them the most. Once you go over their performance for the year, make sure to bring up any changes that might have gone on in their lives and ask how you can help.

In summary

Developing the right perks for your employees can go a long way when you want to show them you care as their boss. With these strategies in mind, you can help to make a positive impact on their lives.

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