Brand Ambassadors: Definition, Duties, Salary, and More

Are you seeking a new career path and you are thinking about being a brand ambassador? If you are, then you must know what is required of this job.

The duties of brand ambassadors have changed and will keep changing because of social media and internet influence. Click here to see some incredible social media statistics. The duties have been expanded to accommodate the new technological system of the globe.

The prevalent use of social media has also opened new frontiers for making more money by simply representing a company. Therefore, this article will open your eyes to these new opportunities by revealing all the important things you need to know about being a brand ambassador.

Let’s begin with the definition…


A brand ambassador is a person that has been chosen by a company to represent them as its face. Most times, these representatives are usually folks with some influence within their communities. With such influence, they can easily promote the company’s products and services.

Also, the ambassador will attend various functions and events on behalf of the company as their representative. They might be asked to perform one duty or function during the events. Examples include giving some sample products away or product demonstrations.


To be an ambassador, you must be passionate, easy to interact with, possess a good presence on social media, and a network that is medium or large; but not small. You must also have adequate knowledge and information about the brand that you represent.

Having your medium of transportation will help when taking products to events. You have to be fit as there might be a need to carry some products.

The following are some of the duties required of you…

  • General representation of the brand in different types of settings
  • Giving assistance during content creation
  • Event marketing participation
  • Creating brand awareness via person-to-person marketing
  • Feedback provision as well as insight on innovative services and products
  • Brand promotion using your social media platforms


There isn’t a fixed amount or range for a brand ambassador’s salary. The reason for this is most ambassadors decide on the hours they intend to work. Another reason is that different companies offer different compensations to their ambassadors.

Below are some of the common types of compensations:



The average annual salary for brand ambassadors according to Glassdoor is $35,198 in the U.S. And the salary range is within $35,000 to $45,000. You can visit to calculate how much you ought to be paid based on your detail.


Some companies or even the ambassadors preferred to be paid hourly. According to collected data, the average hourly pay range is $10 to $16.


Commission is another way certain companies pay their ambassadors. This is done to give them incentives to further promote the products and services of the company. Therefore, the earnings of the representative will increase as they bring more leads.

Requirements: Education, Experience, and Skills

In this section, we will discuss the education, experience, skills required to be an ambassador.

When it comes to representing a company, a diploma from any high school is the minimum educational qualification. Most companies are ready to work with this. However, certain companies specifically require those with a bachelor’s degree.

Companies like that sometimes will even prefer those that are currently running the degree program. The bias behind this is that students in college are young and usually full of energy and are perfect for representing the company within their campuses.

While education level is important, experience level is more important. This is because the company wouldn’t have to start training you all over. Even if they will go through any training process, it won’t be like starting from scratch. Hence, many job listings will ask for some level of experience.

You need to possess social skills as we mentioned earlier. You are expected to be friendly, have a charming personality, a flexible schedule, and a great social media presence. Occasionally, you will have to help in the production of content.

What a Brand Ambassador Does

The effectiveness of a brand ambassador thrives on influence and suggestion. Many will take a suggestion (recommendation) from a person they deem to be credible without making further findings.

Traditional advertising no longer influences as it used to in the past. Hence, many companies now employ those who possess credibility in the eyes of many to help them promote their products.

The medium used to carry out this task include attending events, social media posts and interactions, and one-on-one interactions. An ambassador is the face of the company, ergo, they are expected to represent wherever they find themselves.


So far, we’ve been able to define brand ambassadors, discuss what they do, and the requirements to become one. We were also able to give you an idea of a brand ambassador’s salary to help you decide if it is a career that you find worthwhile.

We like answering questions, so feel free to ask us some about this article and other brand ambassador-related questions.

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