ManyChat Affiliate Program: Promote & Earn 100% Commission

We are going to talk about the ManyChat affiliate program in this post.

Before going into the affiliate program details, let us understand what is ManyChat and how it works.

What Is ManyChat?

The ManyChat is one of the world’s leading chat marketing tool.

The ManyChat’s Facebook messenger bot is helping millions of businesses across the world in growing their businesses.

According to ManyChat, the bot works in the following 3 steps:

  1. Acquire (Promotions and lead generation)
  2. Engage (Marketing)
  3. Support (Sales)

They have free plan too. But, there are certain limitations like user limit and single channel.

But, you can actually unlock the advanced features by migrating free plan to Pro plan.

In ManyChat pro plan, you can have integrations, analytics, SMS marketing, E-Mail marketing, No branding and many more features.

What Is ManyChat Affiliate Program?

The affiliates will get rewarded for bringing customers to the ManyChat.

For becoming a ManyChat affiliate, visit

They will review your application and let you know the status through the mail.

Are you an agency? If yes, then you need to join through

How Can Affiliates Promote The ManyChat?

  • Write a review article about the ManyChat and share your affiliate link.
  • Share your affiliate link on the social media channels.
  • The ManyChat supplies promotional banners to be used in your websites/blogs.
  • Do you have a list of subscribers? If yes, then let them know about the ManyChat through newsletters.
  • Create a YouTube video about the ManyChat and leave your affiliate link in the description.

How Much Can ManyChat Affiliates Make?

You will be paid 100% commission when your referral upgrades from free plan to Pro.

The cookie period is 120 days.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and subscribes within 120 days, you will get commission.

When Will You Get Paid?

You should reach at least $50 to receive commissions.

The payments will be done on the Net-45 basis.

The payment options are bank transfer and PayPal. However, the payment options changes with the country.

What Are The Similar Affiliate Programs?

What Is The Final Conclusion?

The ManyChat affiliate program is ideal for bloggers affiliate marketers or social media influencers.

Have you worked with ManyChat as an affiliate?

If yes, then we would love to listen to your working experiences.

Hope this ManyChat affiliate program review help novices while getting started.

Join the ManyChat affiliate program and start generating profits!

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