JotForm Affiliate Program (2023): Join, Promote and Get Paid

The JotForm affiliate program is the best fit for bloggers, affiliate marketers and social media influencers.

Before going into the affiliate review, you must know about the JotForm first.

JotForm is a well-known drag and drop online form builder. It is trusted by over 10 million users worldwide.

Why do you use forms?

Mostly people use it for grabbing leads, capturing subscribers, payment collection, feedback, product sales or anything.

The forms can be seen on websites, Ecommerce portals, customer feedback pages or payment pages.

The best part of creating form in JotForm is easiness.

Go to to create a form.

Jotform create a form
Source: JotForm

You can find 10,000+ free online form templates in JotForm. One can import from a web page or convert your PDF to a form.

What Is JotForm Affiliate Program and How Does It Work?

The JotForm is inviting enthusiasts across the world to join their affiliate program.

Being an affiliate, you earn commissions for recommending JotForm products.

To become a JotForm affiliate, visit

Apart from asking your E-Mail and website, they would ask the following details.

Jotform affiliate signup
Source: JotForm

You should have clarity about your audience and promotional strategies before applying to the affiliate program.

One do not need to be a JotForm customer to join as an affiliate. However, it is better to know the products prior to referring to others.

You must have an active blog or website to join the JotForm affiliate program.

Once you signup for the affiliate program, the JotForm team will review your application. The status will get notified via E-Mail.

Cookie Period:

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and comes back to subscribe within 60 days, you will get commission.

How To Promote the JotForm?

  • You can write review articles about the JotForm products. Use your affiliate links wherever necessary.
  • Do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, then create videos about the JotForm products. Never forget to leave affiliate link/links in the description.
  • The affiliates can put banners on their websites/blogs.
  • You can share your JotForm affiliate link on your social media profiles.
  • One can send newsletters about JotForm products to their subscribers.

How Much Can JotForm Affiliates Make?

The affiliate can earn 30% commission on every sale irrespective of the plan.

The JotForm offers 2 plans: Monthly and Yearly.

You can earn more from the monthly plan compared to yearly plan.

The affiliates are eligible to receive commissions for 1 year.

You cannot earn further when your referral (Monthly plan) leaves JotForm within 1 year.

The affiliate will be getting full commission for 1 year until the referral (Yearly plan) stays with JotForm.

The affiliates will get paid via PayPal after 60 days of the customer’s purchase.

You should have an active PayPal account to receive money.


  • To receive the first commission, your referral must stay with JotForm for at least 60 days.
  • You won’t pay commission when your referral gets a refund from JotForm.
  • When your referral receives a discount on their plan, then you will get the commission accordingly.

What Are the Best Features of the JotForm Affiliate Program?

  • You are working with a top-notch company.
  • JotForm is helping affiliates with attractive creatives, insightful content and informative training.
  • You can earn decent commissions for 1 year.
  • The commission rate is quite competitive.
  • The stats like referrals and revenue get updated in a day.

What Is Alternative Affiliate Program

JivoChat affiliate program

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How To Reach the Support Team?

If you have any questions about the JotForm affiliate program, then write to [email protected].

What Is the Final Conclusion?

One should join the JotForm affiliate program to earn decent commissions.

Have you worked with JotForm as an affiliate?

We would like to hear about your work experience.

We hope this JotForm affiliate review helps people while getting started.

Give a try to the JotForm forms!

Sign up for the JotForm affiliate program and start generating profits!

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