Freestanding Bathtubs: Create a Chic Spa Area in Your Bathroom Interior

Standard solutions for bathroom decoration may seem boring for lovers of uniqueness and originality. You can personalize your interior with different bathroom items – stand alone tubs, unusual vanity units, stone countertops, or a designer collection of bathroom accessories.

Stand Alone Tub: Easy Way to Create a Unique Bathroom Design

Bathtub is the main accent in the bathroom interior. It determines the style and design of the entire space in this part of the house. A freestanding bathtub, designed by Aquatica, like no other piece of furniture, can inspire many homeowners, allowing them to get away from design stereotypes.

In a home where space allows the imagination to run wild and make dreams of a cozy and large bathroom a reality, a freestanding tube is the best solution. This original element will allow you to implement the most daring design fantasies.

Popularity of Freestanding Bathtubs

More and more people prefer such models for several reasons:

  • It is a great opportunity to take a bath, enjoying the comfort and convenience – lying down, relaxing, and getting the maximum healing effect from the procedure.
  • Such a bath creates a sense of luxury and gives respectability to the interior.
  • A stand-alone tub visually expands the space, creating the effect of a large room.
  • These models are presented in a large selection of award-winning materials, shapes, and a wide range of prices. Everyone will find their option based on personal tastes and financial capabilities.

The vibrant colors of the stand-alone tubs, presented on Aquatica’s website, are perhaps the most striking representatives of the collection. Plumbing in red and blue shades will appeal to lovers of original and unique things. You can install a red one for her and a blue or black one for him. Choose the right accessories, and your bathroom will sparkle with completely new colors. Top-class designer tubs will serve you for many years, and the color will not change over time.

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