Razorpay Partner Program (2023): Join and Earn Cash Reward

In this post, we are covering Razorpay partner program.https://rzp.io/i/0tdcf5J

There are many affiliate programs online and Razorpay is one of them.

Have you ever heard about the Razorpay?

The Razorpay is an Indian based B2B payment solutions provider.

More than 50,000 businesses in India are using Razorpay payment gateway.

Some of the reputed businesses include Hotstar, Swiggy, Zomato, Book My Show, Pizza Hut, Goibibo and Yatra.

What Is Razorpay Partner Program?

The Razorpay partner program will reward partners for bringing businesses to Razorpay.

To become a partner, you do not need to be a business or organization.

You could be an enthusiastic individual, freelancer or unregistered business.

Are you a company or an agency?

You can also apply to their partner program.

All you have to do is refer your clients or customers to Razorpay.

You will be indirectly helping Micro, small and medium sized businesses to incorporate free and secured payment system.

Who Can Join Razorpay Partner Program?

The Razorpay is welcoming everyone to join their partner program.

If you want to know precisely, then here comes the list of categories:

  • Bloggers
  • Social media influencers
  • Students
  • Freelancers
  • Unregistered businesses
  • Individuals
  • Web and app developers
  • E-commerce consultants
  • Established businesses
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Web hosting companies
  • Digital marketing agencies and many more.

The Razorpay is offering 3 types of partnerships:

  • Resellers:

Are you a freelancer, Entrepreneur, web developer, web designer, social media influencer, venture capitalist or a startup Incubator?

Then, you can earn money for referring to your connections.

Whenever your referral completes a transaction, you get commission.

  • Aggregator Partners:

Are you a business that offers a platform to merchants and manages their accounts?

if yes, then you earn money for creating accounts and making transactions on behalf of your merchants.

The ERP and Restaurant Management Platform comes under this category.

  • Platform Partners:

Are you a business that offers platform for other businesses (sub-merchants) to reach customers?

Your business has to integrate Razorpay OAuth on your platform to refer Razorpay payment solutions.

When sub-merchants start collecting payments, the platform partners get commissions.

Razorpay partner types

How To Get Started as a Razorpay Partner?

To become Razorpay partner, visit https://razorpay.com/partners/.

Razorpay partnership

The signup process is free and simple. You do not need to wait for their approval.

You can join depending on your partner type preference.

After logging into your account dashboard, you can find your unique affiliate link.

You can start promoting Razorpay on your social profiles straightaway.

How Can Partners Promote Razorpay?

The affiliates can promote Razorpay using the following methods:

  • You can share your referral link on your social profiles.
  • Write a review about Razorpay in your blog and share your affiliate link.
  • Send newsletters about Razorpay to your subscribers.
  • Make a YouTube video about Razorpay and leave your affiliate link in the description.

How Much Can Razorpay Partners Make?

The partners can make 0.1% commission for every sale made through their referral link.

Razorpay claims that a partner can earn up to Rs.500 (INR) from a successful purchase.

What Are the Best Features of the Razorpay Partner Program?

  • The Razorpay is offering one of the best B2B partner program in India.
  • You don’t need to wait for approval. The affiliates can straightaway start promoting Razorpay.
  • The Razorpay will pay commission for every referral transaction.
  • The commissions are recurring in nature.
  • The partners can track everything in real-time from their dashboard.
  • Being a partner, you will receive dedicated support.

Alternatives Of Razorpay Partner Program:

What Is the Final Conclusion?

The Razorpay partner program is ideal for freelancers and businesses based in India.

While talking about the commission rates, the Razorpay commissions are not so high.

However, you can boost your online income by joining Razorpay affiliate program.

If you are based outside India, then this partner program is not for you.

Have you worked as a Razorpay affiliate?

We would love to hear about your work experience.

We hope this Razorpay partner program review helps affiliates while getting started.

Join Razorpay partner program and start generating commissions!

Sign up on Razorpay!

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