PayPal Referral Program India Review 2023: Earn Bonus

Today we are going to talk about the PayPal referral program. I think PayPal doesn’t need any introduction. But, if this is the first time you are hearing about PayPal, then let me tell you what it is. PayPal is a leader in the online payments system. Everyday there would be millions of transactions happening across the world.

Are you from India? If yes, then there is great news for you. The PayPal business referral program India is active now. Do you know why I specifically mentioned the term “business”? The reason is that you should be inviting Indians only to open a PayPal business or merchant account.

How Can Indians Join the PayPal Referral Program?

To join this referral program, you should be an existing PayPal customer. If you are an active user, then you are eligible to join the PayPal merchant referral bonus program. Go to the PayPal referral program India page and get your referral link. Before knowing how to promote the PayPal business or merchant account, you should know the terms and conditions.

What Are the Main Terms and Conditions of the PayPal India Merchant/Business Referral Program?

  • The PayPal has named the person who is being referred to as a referee. The referee must not be an existing PayPal customer. He/she should sign up for the PayPal India business account using your referral link.
  • After signing up, the referee should have received at least $100 in total within 45 days.
  • The referee should have an active PayPal India business account. You are ineligible to benefit from the closed and restricted accounts of the referees.

How Do You Promote the PayPal India Business/Merchant Accounts?

As shown in the following image, once you get your PayPal merchant referral link, you get this popup asking to share link with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and send the link via Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook. You can also use other sources like text, newsletters, YouTube videos or banners for promoting the PayPal India Merchant account.

PayPal referral link share

How Does the PayPal Referral Program (India) Work?

Once you and the referee are eligible, then both of you can receive a PayPal voucher of US $10. The voucher will be valid for only 90 days. The bonus will be added to the account after 30 days of the. You can redeem the voucher in any merchant website that uses PayPal as a payment option. The referrer can receive the total bonus of $100 worth of PayPal vouchers through the referral program. You must keep in mind that the voucher cannot be transferred.

Why Would Someone Join the PayPal Referral Program India?

  • PayPal has a global customer base of around 325 million.
  • Your referee can receive the total eligible payment of US $100 from all countries.
  • The bonus will be given to both the referrer and referee.

What Are the Cons?

  • You will get the referral bonus only when your referral opens the PayPal business account.
  • The PayPal referral bonus is in the form of vouchers.
  • The referee should receive at least US $100 within 45 days from the signup date which is difficult for the novices.
  • You can receive a voucher bonus of only $100.
  • The PayPal referral program India can be discontinued any time.

What Is the Final Conclusion?

The PayPal referral program is not for those people who expect to make huge bonuses. There are too many terms and conditions for anyone to join as a PayPal referral. You can only receive $100 worth vouchers in a lifetime which is insane. It would be better if they had offered direct cash instead of a shopping voucher. There are plenty of affiliate programs where you can earn unlimited income.

Give a try to the PayPal merchant referral bonus program India!

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