Coinmama Affiliate Program (2023): Promote and Get Cash

We are going to talk about the Coinmama affiliate program in this post.

Before going into the affiliate program details, you must know about the Coinmama first.

What Is Coinmama?


Coinmama is a reputed cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell crypto.

Starting in 2013, this exchange had made a good name in a very short period.

People across 188 countries are using this platform to exchange their currency with crypto.

At the time of writing this article, you can buy different crypto like Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

What Is Coinmama Affiliate Program?

The Coinmama is inviting enthusiasts to join their affiliate program.

To become Coinmama affiliate, visit this page.

Unlike some affiliate programs, you don’t need to wait for your account’s approval.

Your account will get automatically approved.

One can start promoting Coinmama straightaway.

Once you login into your dashboard, you can find the marketing materials on the left-hand side.

You will have access to banners and affiliate links that redirect to different landing pages.

Coinmama affiliate dashboard

How Can Affiliates Promote the Coinmama?

The affiliates can promote the Coinmama using the follow methods:

  • Are you a blogger?

If yes, then write a blog post or a review about the Coinmama. Make sure that you share your Coinmama affiliate link in the article.

  • Do you have a list of subscribers?

If your answer is yes, then let them know about the Coinmama crypto exchange through newsletters.

  • Do you have a YouTube channel?

If your answer is yes, then make a video about crypto. Make a video about the Coinmama and leave your affiliate link in the description.

  • Promote on social media and websites.

You can place your affiliate link or banner on your websites. Apart from websites, you can promote Coinmama on your social profiles.

  • Participate in forum discussions

Once you can join the crypto forums and can indulge in healthy discussions related to cryptocurrency.

You can share your affiliate link with the active participants.

  • Webinars

Being an affiliate, you can organize webinars related to crypto.

You can talk about the Coinmama and share your affiliate link with the members.

What Is the Coinmama Affiliate Commission Rate? (How Much Can You Earn by Referring to Others?)

The affiliates can earn up to 30% commission on all sales generated by their referrals.

When you join the affiliate program, the commission would be set as 15%.

The commission can go up to 30% depending on your performance.

When And How Will You Get Paid?

The payments will be made on a monthly basis.

You must reach at least $100 to receive payment.

The payment options are Bitcoin and Wire transfer.

What Are the Benefits of the Coinmama Affiliate Program?

  • The affiliates do not need to wait for approval. The affiliate signup is absolutely free and easy.
  • You can receive recurring commissions from the referrals as long as they stay with Coinmama.
  • The commission structure is competitive.
  • The affiliates can track clicks, conversions and revenue in real time.

How To Reach the Coinmama Support Team?

If you have any queries regarding the affiliate program, then you can write to [email protected].

What Are the Alternatives to This Affiliate Program?

What Is the Final Conclusion?

One should join the Coinmama affiliate program to earn decent commissions.

While opting for Bitcoin payment option, you must remember that crypto is volatile.

Have you worked with the Coinmama as an affiliate?

We would love to hear about your work experience.

Hope this Coinmama affiliate program review helps people while getting started.

Buy and sell crypto on Coinmama!

Join the Coinmama affiliate program and start earning commissions!

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