How To Make Money With Affiliate Program : Review

There is no need for detailed introduction of WordPress. Millions of webmasters had developed blogs, business portals and E-commerce stores using free WordPress software. You need to download free WordPress software from to develop self hosting websites. Where as is a free hosting blogging platform.

Many people have asked me a great question and that is “How to make money with WordPress“. You can be a part of affiliate program to earn decent income. You may doubt that why should offer affiliate program when everything is free.

How To Join The Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is fit for bloggers, webmasters, WordPress developers, designers, Plugin developers or theme developers. Visit and apply for the affiliate membership. The WordPress team will take hardly 4 hours for the review process. Once you get approval, you have access to promotional banners and referral links.

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

The affiliates have choice of promoting these following 4 vendors : Jetpack ,, WooCommerce and WP Job Manager. There are a lot of benefits on choosing premium over free plan. This is the basic motive behind affiliate program. When someone buys premium plans of these vendors from your referral link, you get 20% recurring commission per sale for 1 year. The more customers you refer to WordPress, the more revenue you can earn. There is no limit to earn commissions.

Note : The commission will be added only after 30 days because of the cancellation policy.

How To Promote The Jetpack,, WooCommerce and WP Job Manager?

The affiliates can promote the and others using the following ways :

  • Placing banners on blog or website
  • Blog post
  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram
  • YouTube video and links in the description
  • Forums
  • E-Mail newsletters

Payment Info For Affiliates

The affiliates would get paid on Net 30 basis. The affiliate must reach minimum payout of $100 to receive earnings. The only payment option available is PayPal.

What Are The Best Features Of Affiliate Program?

  • World’s best content management platform
  • Wide range of promotional material : Standard sizes of banners and referral links.
  • Real-time statistics : The affiliates can track clicks, conversions and earnings using performance dashboard.
  • Recurring commission model
  • Fast and timely payouts
  • Deep linking structure
  • Best support

Contact Info :

E-Mail : [email protected]

What Is The Final Conclusion?

One must give a try to the affiliate program for earning decent commissions. The affiliates who had worked or still working with the affiliate program can share their experiences. You can share your payment proof with us. Hope this affiliate program review help people to get started.

Join Affiliate Program And Start Making Money

3 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Affiliate Program : Review

  1. Hi suresh, firstly i want to say a big thanks to you and your hand for typing and sharing this information in a vitae way for full understanding but aside from that dont you think this wordpress affiliate program may be difficult to earn from it because the smallest price from jetpack is costly and referring someones to such big sum of money will be extremely difficult to convince and you as the referral may find it hard to make money from it?

    Thats my own opinion buddy and will like to get feedback from it.

    Have A Great Day Bro

    1. Hi Daemon, Thanks for stopping by my post bro. Yes, I agree with your points. But, again it is up to affiliate’s capability. I personally know some affiliates who are convincingly selling Jetpack plans without hassles. However, experience counts buddy. 🙂

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