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  1. Daemon Harry says:

    Hi suresh, firstly i want to say a big thanks to you and your hand for typing and sharing this information in a vitae way for full understanding but aside from that dont you think this wordpress affiliate program may be difficult to earn from it because the smallest price from jetpack is costly and referring someones to such big sum of money will be extremely difficult to convince and you as the referral may find it hard to make money from it?

    Thats my own opinion buddy and will like to get feedback from it.

    Have A Great Day Bro

    1. Hi Daemon, Thanks for stopping by my post bro. Yes, I agree with your points. But, again it is up to affiliate’s capability. I personally know some affiliates who are convincingly selling Jetpack plans without hassles. However, experience counts buddy. 🙂

  2. Brilliant tutorial, thanks so much

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