Is Jono’s Ministry Of Freedom Worth It?

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best, memories are easily made, and it all takes less effort. Is this not what we were designed for? To live life to the fullest, to pass on the skills and knowledge we have gained over the years to our offspring and those we opt to take under our wings? So, my question to you is, what have you been doing or going to do about it?

Deciding to get into the advertising, marketing, and affiliate marketing world can be tough if you don’t do your homework or have the knowledge to back up your ideas and products, so researching your target audience and merchandise is essential to getting your foot in the door.

It is about honing in on your God-given talents and ideally making money from something you love and enjoy, because the last thing we want in life is to be stuck in a dead-end job, answering to a snot-nosed rich kid, and dreading going into the office every day. No thank you.

Getting your life on track is step one, deciding what you want out of life, and then do the necessary steps it’s going to take to get you there. See some great motivational tips in this link to get you going, sometimes all it takes is to read a few truth-filled words and the light bulb goes on.

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To become your own boss, making the money you’re worth and deserve, is going to take a plan and a well-written idea executed successfully. Let’s take a look at a few ways to go about taking the initial step to your future.

  • Make a decisive choice on what you want to do and who you think will be your consumer that will be paying for your product or service. This will become the basis on which you will build the brand and idea around.
  • Have a plan, a business plan, a plan of action, and a back-up plan. These all work hand in hand and if one doesn’t quite go according to schedule you don’t lose everything and simply take a different route. The main objective is not to lose faith or quit, those who keep going become the extra in extraordinary.
  • Think big, massive even, but start small, don’t run before you can walk let alone crawl. It may take longer than you’d like but there are steps for a reason, each level teaching and showing you something new and different, and in the end, you’ll be thankful you did it right.

There are plenty of people who have done things correctly and who have come out the other side on the right foot, see what they have to say on this in this debate blog on being right or doing right, and conclude for yourself from there.

  • You can count on there being ‘haters’ and people who are jealous, but having friends and family who you trust to give their honest opinions is the best way to learn and grow from it. Be ready and able to take negative feedback or comments, suggestions, and move on.
  • People have different skills, hire or take on a team of trained, experienced individuals who can make the process that much smoother and easier. Don’t try to do everything by yourself, you will not only burn out but it’ll become more of a mission than a joy. Help is always available, be willing to accept it.

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We all understand a little about what marketing entails, but when it comes to affiliate marketing it is a whole new ball game. Affiliate marketing in a nutshell is working in partnerships with other people and companies, reviewing products either theirs or others, and referring new customers to the websites through affiliate links and driving sales.

As they review the items or services, with each sale generated from their referral they earn a commission, these reviews are tracked from sale to sale and the cycle continues.

Sounds simple enough right? But to be the best you need to learn from the best, and this is where a gentleman by the name of Jono comes into the picture.

Having successfully created what could be called ‘an affiliate training program’ course whereby you are shown the ropes from beginning to end, by him personally and his team, guiding and advising you through the whole process.

He has helped people globally to get set up and become successful in their own rights, those who were once nervous to vlog about products and give reviews now thrive off them knowing that the greater and more in-depth the appraisal the increased chance of sales and in turn financial gain for both parties, the affiliate and the seller.

Investing in such a course is a small price compared to the financial gain and outcomes you’ll receive, so now you’re wondering if it is worth your money.

To have your chance at your brightest (richest) future, visit and see the stepping stone that may just be the answer you have been looking for all this time.

If you have ever watched YouTube or docuseries on TV you will notice that anyone who has ever made a success from an idea they had, they all had one thing in common – perseverance. They might have had setbacks, been knocked down, even gone bankrupt and had started again, but not giving up makes it all the worthwhile.

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