DMCA Affiliate Program Review : Make Money Promoting Takedown Plans

DMCA a.k.a Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a company to takedown your stolen content. For instance if your content like photos, videos, apps, eBooks, music or website got stolen by bad guys, DMCA will takedown it. The webmasters apart from using this service can also give a try to DMCA affiliate program. The affiliates can make decent income referring takedown plans.

How Does DMCA Affiliate Program Work?

DMCA is offering 3 plans : 1. Free 2. Professionally managed and 3. DIY Takedown. The free plan has limited features when compared to other two plans. The affiliates have to make people to buy Professionally managed and DIY Takedown plans. The professionally managed plan is handled by experienced DMCA staff. Where as DIY Takedown plan is designed for individuals who can handle on their own. The budget is low in the case of DIY plan when compared to Professionally managed.


Image source : DMCA

Being an affiliate you get $10 to $25 per sale depending on the plan. The webmasters can secure their sites with DMCA as well as earn commissions. But, there is no rule for an affiliate to have website or blog. The non-webmasters can run campaigns, promote on social networks and send mails.

DMCA Affiliate Payment Info

The affiliates would get paid on request basis. The minimum payout is $100. The payment option is PayPal.

Best Features Of DMCA Affiliate Program

  • Best promotional tools
  • Fast and timely payments : The affiliates would receive their earnings on time.
  • The affiliates can track clicks, referrals and revenue using real-time tracking system.
  • Dedicated support via chat

Final Conclusion

DMCA is a best service to copyright your content. When it comes to affiliate program the commissions are not bad. The webmasters and affiliates who had tried this service can share their experiences below. If you had anything to ask then feel free to contact us. Hope this DMCA affiliate program review help affiliates to get started.

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