Bitfinex Affiliate Program: Join And Earn Unlimited Cash

We are going to talk about the Bitfinex affiliate program in this post.

Before getting into the affiliate program details, you should know about the Bitfinex first.

What Is Bitfinex?

The Bitfinex is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform.

The main features of Bitfinex are: 1. Exchange trading, 2. Margin trading, 3. Margin funding, 4. Over the counter market (OTC), 5. Derivatives and 6. Paper trading.

What Is Bitfinex Affiliate Program And How Does It Work?

Like any other crypto affiliate program, Bitfinex has one too.

However, you would be earning cryptocurrency in commissions for referring members.

The Bitfinex is offering affiliate commissions up to 3 degrees or levels of connection.

You need to be a Bitfinex customer for becoming an affiliate.

When your referred members top up with the trading and margin funding fees, you will be eligible to receive commissions.

Do you think only affiliates will get benefitted? Your referred member will get 6% rebate on their first top up.

How To Join The Bitfinex Affiliate Program?

To become a Bitfinex affiliate, visit

After joining Bitfinex, you will find affiliate section on your dashboard.

You can start promoting Bitfinex by picking up the invitation link from the dashboard.

Bitfinex affiliate page

Bitfinex affiliate label

How Can Affiliates Promote The Bitfinex?

Now, Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange. So, you need to specifically target the crypto traders and communities. You can follow these tips though:

  • There are hundreds and thousands of online crypto communities. Are you an active member in any forum related to cryptocurrency? If your answer is yes, then participate in fruitful discussions related to cryptocurrency and leave your Bitfinex affiliate link there. Please keep in mind that you don’t indulge in spamming.
  • Do you maintain any blog of cryptocurrency niche? If yes, then write a piece of content about Bitfinex. Please remember to keep the article more insightful and informative. You can leave your affiliate link within content.
  • The Bitfinex loves social media promotion. In fact, they encourages to use social media for promoting Bitfinex. You can share your Bitfinex invitation link on all your social profiles.
  • Having an YouTube channel is not uncommon these days. You can start a channel dedicated to crypto things. If you have any existing channel, then create a video about Bitfinex. You could leave your invitation link in the video’s description.
  • Being a Bitfinex affiliate, you can take maximum advantage of the newsletters. It is a great way to grab leads. You could send a newsletter about Bitfinex to your list of subscribers.

How Much Can Bitfinex Affiliates Make?

The affiliates could make money from 3 degrees or levels of connections. The commission structure is as follows:

  • Level 1/Degree 1 – 18% commission
  • Level 2/Degree 2  – 6% commission
  • Level 3/Degree 3 -2% commission


Apart from earning direct commissions, you can also multipliers of commissions when your referrals satisfy certain conditions.

Verified accounts:

When your KYC gets verified, you will be eligible to get a 1.2x multiplier.

If any of your referral’s account get KYC verification, then you can get a 1.2x multiplier for that specified account.

UNUS SED LEO Token accounts:

When your referred member holds more than 500 UNUS SED LEO tokens, then you are eligible for the multipliers.

  • 500+ USDt LEO equivalent – 1.1x multiplier
  • 5,000+ USDt LEO equivalent – 1.2x multiplier
  • 50,000+ USDt LEO equivalent – 1.5x multiplier


You will get rewarded multipliers when you or your referrals share or like Bitfinex official social media posts.

  • 1000 social media followers – 1.1x
  • 10,000 social media followers – 1.2x

The developers who integrate Bitfinex API in their trading products will get rewarded too. They will be eligible to receive 5% rebate on each trade made through the API.

How Can Bitfinex Affiliates Get Paid?

The affiliate payments will be in the same cryptocurrency collected from referrals by the Bitfinex.

All the other tokens will be converted to Bitcoins or Tether coins.

What Are The Best Features Of The Bitfinex Affiliate Program?

  • The Bitfinex is offering 3 levels of commissions and 3 types of multipliers.
  • The affiliate commissions are quite competitive and you can earn best rewards with better performance.
  • You can track your stats and revenue in the real time on the dashboard.
  • The affiliates can reach support team right from the dashboard. You can also contact them on Telegram.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

One should give a try to the Bitfinex affiliate program to earn decent commissions.

If you had worked as a Bitfinex affiliate, then share your experiences.

Hope this Bitfinex affiliate program review help the people while getting started.

Signup for the Bitfinex affiliate program and start earning!

Join Bitfinex and start trading cryptocurrency!

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