How to Build an Online Career From Scratch Through Writing

Making money online is said to be quick and easy, but those who have tried to can confirm that it’s not – it needs loads of time, and loads of work to be worth it. Of course, you could also consider online money making methods to be a way to fund a more serious project, that can help you start a business or a website on the way to success – and this switch of perception will transform the sometimes commonplace tasks you need to complete into steps to a veritable success. Here is how to start.

1. Fiverr or its alternatives

Consider this: you can sell your talent online by offering micro jobs through portals like Fiverr – writing articles, headlines, designing logos and websites, and so on. While you complete these tasks you both gather experience and the money needed to launch your own business. Take setting up a website for example: the CMS is free (WordPress, or Joomla, whichever appeals to you more), hosting will cost you between $5 and $15 a month (or one to three Fiverr jobs, for example) and the domain name will cost you $10 (or two Fiverr jobs). With just three or four such jobs sold you can make the funds needed to create a website, and you can start working seriously from then on.

2. Selling your articles online

There are loads of websites in need of quality content. If you have writing talent you can start creating articles on certain hot topics – technology, personal finance, alternative medicine, cooking and so on. You can write packs of 5 or 10 articles and sell them either through the above-mentioned Fiverr or through specialized websites like or Make no mistake, it’s not easy to sell these, as the market is close to becoming saturated, but it’s always a method to be considered.

3. Write an e-book

Transform your expertise into cash by writing a longer piece of literature – write an e-book, and publish it through Google Play Store, Amazon’s Kindle Store or even Apple’s App Store. By doing this you can instantly reach an audience of millions, even billions of potential buyers, and – if your book is worthy – make serious amounts of cash. This takes time, though, hard work and dedication – but it’s worth it. Who knows – you might end up the next Dean Koontz, Stephen King or even Douglas Adams, and spend the rest of your life sipping Margaritas on the beach, enjoying Cleopatra Escorts or playing your favourite games. There are countless other possibilities to make a buck online. You can be paid for searching the web, for participating in surveys or competitions, but if you have a talent with words, there are more than one methods of turning them into cold, hard cash.

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