Best Credit Card Terminal For Businesses

Credit card terminals are perfect for any type of business, whether you run a small retail store or a fast-paced restaurant. With a credit card terminal, you will allow your customers to easily submit payments. Merchant Account Solutions has an outstanding selection of products, including Clover POS Systems.

Clover Stations Create More Opportunities for any Business

This Station is the perfect new Clover hardware for a business that has most of its transactions face-to-face. With its sleek design and industry-leading technology, you will be able to do more than track payments. Other features include tracking inventory, running reports, and managing timesheets.

The Clover Station is easy to setup and maintain. With this register, you can print out documents including kitchen sheets and sales reports. Clover’s full line of devices allow you to accept payments quickly while also helping you to handle aspects of your business sales. You can accept all type of credit and bill payments.

Clover Flex – Perfect for Accepting Chip Card

With so many banks going to chip cards for their ATM or Debit cards, you will want to keep up with your customer’s demands. Clover can help any small business that wants to upgrade to a chip card machine. You can enjoy 3 months no interest financing or other leasing options.

This can be perfect for a quick service restaurant, as you can accept payments behind a register, in the restaurant, and in line. A small retail store will like this as the device is small and does not take up too much space on a counter. And, the Clover Flex comes with a 5-inch touch screen that allows you to easily accept signatures.

Clover has the kind of products that can not only help your business keep up with customer’s needs, but manage inventory and sales. Merchant Account Solutions will be able to find the solution for your business’ everyday needs and budget.

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