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Adsaro Ad Media Network is a pop-under ad media network based in United Kingdom. The model of this Ad Network is CPM.  Due to high quality of traffic  publishers provide, advertisers can get high conversions in their offers. Since this network has maintained a trust with many Advertisers, publisher can earn a good amount for their traffic. This network has more than 120 categories of websites which include some of the majors like Gambling, Adult, Travel, Download, etc.

Terms and Conditions

 Here are some of the terms and condition both the advertiser and publisher must follow.

  1. Publisher cannot provide bot traffic if found your website may be blocked.
  2. Advertisers are not allowed to run camps that may disturb users.
  3. Child Porn, Guns, Drugs related websites or campaigns are not allowed.
  4. The publisher should not click their ads.
  5. Being a publisher you must not encourage people to click or view ads.
  6. The publishers must not use bots, PTC websites, auto refreshing sites or traffic exchanges to send fake traffic.

Ad formats 

Currently this ad network provide pop-under code for desktop only. The direct link code works with both Desktop and Mobile.

Payment Info

Advertisers can fund their account through PayPal or with the help of Fund on request option you can send Payments any way you can like. The publishers can get payment after their fund has reached an amount of $20 within 15 days. The main method of Payment is PayPal.

Best Features Of Adsaro Ad Network

  • Advertisers can start their Campaign on $5 budget with $0.10 CPM
  • Both Publisher and Advertiser has real time stats.
  • Account manager for support of both Publisher and Advertisers.
  • Global Campaigns and Traffic
  • Advertiser can bid according to geo, operating system, category and browser.
  • Timely payments

Contact Info

Email/Skype: [email protected] (General/Strategy Management Department)

Email/Skype: [email protected] (Affiliate/Advertiser Management Department)

Email/Skype: [email protected] (Publisher/Financial Management Department)

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