CPMStar review : CPM advertising network for games


CPMStar review

CPMStar is an US-based CPM advertising network for gaming sites. It’s an oldest ad network serving advertisers and publishers since 2001. CPMStar try to deliver high quality relevant gaming and entertainment ads on the sites. In earlier days there were no specific advertising networks meant for gaming niche. But, after the launch of CPMStar the scenario has changed completely. Unlike some ad networks which depends on rented servers, CPMStar has its own ad server. It’s quite easy for publishers to boost their earnings with CPMStar.

CPMStar is working with reputed gaming sites like MMOHuts and Artix. CPMStar review every site thoroughly before approving it. Even though the revenue model is CPM sometimes conversions happens with CPC or fulfillment of CPA campaigns.

Requirements to join CPMStar advertising network

The sites must not contain any objectionable content like Gambling or adult. As long as your content is acceptable by all you don’t need to worry about the approval. CPMStar didn’t mention any specific traffic requirements.

Ad format of CPMStar advertising network

CPMStar offers these following ad types :

  1. Dynamic Site Skin
  2. Pre-roll Video
  3. Leaderboard
  4. Medium Rectangle
  5. Large Rectangle
  6. Wide Skyscraper
  7. Skyscraper
  8. Banner
  9. Editorial Ad
  10. Anchor Ad
  11. Pushdown


CPMStar pays its publishers on Net 30 basis. The minimum threshold is $1. The payment options are PayPal and Check.

Pros of CPMStar advertising network

  • Low threshold payout
  • Competitive eCPM rates
  • Gaming sites having decent US and European traffic can do well with CPMStar.
  • Publishers from any part of the world can join CPMStar.
  • The monetization has not stopped with web content. Even mobile publishers and app developers can use CPMStar ad network to monetize.
  • They have their own technology to manage everything from conversions to earnings.
  • No conflict with other ad networks like Adsense or

Cons of CPMStar advertising network

  • CPMStar doesn’t work for any other niche except gaming and entertainment.
  • The eCPM rates of sites having non-US or non-European traffic are low.
  • It’s difficult for newbies to get conversions of CPA campaigns.


  • Publishers should not send fake traffic using bots to the merchants sites. Your account could be removed by CPMStar without any notice. In this case your earnings will be withheld.

Final conclusion of CPMStar advertising network

CPMStar works well for entertainment or gaming niche sites having decent US or European traffic. There are mixed reviews when it comes to payment. Many publishers have complained about the delay. That doesn’t mean that CPMStar scams you. It’s an oldest and genuine advertising network. CPMStar will certainly withheld your earnings if they find you guilty. Hope this CPMStar review helps gaming publishers to get started.

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