CPMServe review : online advertising network

CPMServe review

CPMServe is an US based online advertising network. They have branches in Pakistan and UAE. This ad network is serving advertisers and publishers worldwide since 2003. The ad campaigns they run are CPC and CPM. So the commission type is CPC/CPM. According to them they are working with more than 3500 advertisers and 10000 publishers.

The eCPM rates they offer to the publishers are not bad. CPMServe will test the publishers performance before delivering higher CPM campaigns. They have their own technology to manage everything from delivering best ad inventory to reporting stats. CPMServe review every publisher application before approving it. They accept worldwide traffic.

cpmserve review

Requirements to join CPMServe advertising network

There are no specific requirements for sites to join CPMServe advertising network. They accept publishers from all parts of the world. Sites having great content, good web design and adequate traffic can apply CPMServe ad network. It would be a great advantage for sites having minimum 1000 visitors daily. They don’t work with objectionable content sites like adult and gambling. So these niche publishers must stay away from CPMServe.

Ad format

CPMServe offers only 3 sizes of display advertising formats: 728×90, 300×250 and 160×600. Publishers can customize the ads according to their priorities.


CPMServe pays its publishers on Net 15, Net 17 & Net 30 basis. The payment options are PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybooker and Wire transfer. The threshold payout is $50 for Moneybooker where as it is $100 for Wire transfer.


  • Oldest and trusted ad network
  • Easy installation
  • 100% fill rate
  • Targeted and high quality ads
  • Competitive CPM rates
  • Real time reporting
  • Timely payment
  • Responsive ads
  • Supports mobile advertising
  • Every qualified publisher will have a dedicated account manager to assist in all aspects.
  • Publishers can see live real-time rates on their website.
  • Publishers can earn up to 5% from referral program.
  • Good support ( Phone and Skype )


  • CPM rates are less for traffic from countries like Cambodia and Jamaica.
  • The approval process is not easy.
  • The threshold payment is higher for small publishers. They may take very long time to reach $50.

Contact Info

Skype: ( cpm.serve )
Email: [email protected]
Head Office USA: +12-4-03323772
Branch Offi:
ce UAE: +971-7-2030517
Branch Office PAK: +92-321-7664923
Payment Proof
CPMServe Way2earning proof
Final conclusion of CPMServe advertising network


CPMServe works well for sites having decent US, European and Australian traffic. The CPM rates are mind-boggling. Publishers get paid for every single impression. However the earnings mainly depend on site’s performance. This ad network offers benefits for big publishers i.e they may offer high rates. Publishers must try CPMServe along with other sources to boost their revenues. Hope this CPMServe review helps publishers to take action.

Join CPMServe and start making money

7 thoughts on “CPMServe review : online advertising network

  1. Great post! It seems amazing idea about CPMServe review : online advertising network. Many will learn form this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think this post is great idea to increase our websites earning with the cpmserve ads. Cpmserve ad network work on DSP platform. Mostly publishers and advertisers not know about dsp platform. I have received 703 dollar via bank (wire). I suggest you close your eyes and join cpm serve. At the end you feel good.

  3. Hey great post. I learn a lot from this post. I was not knowing about online advertising. Thanks for the post.

    1. Swapnil Jagtap thanks for your positive thought about Way2earning and CPMServe Ad Network. We are very happy because CPMServe offer POP ads with Direct link or other top rates advertiser campaigns. I hope you will share your experience with friends and shocial media. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Suresh. Please tell me about cpmserve advertising company is reliable?
    I would like to join cpmserve. i need just single line satisfaction.

    1. Muhammad Amin, Yes CPMServe is good ad network company and provide help 365 days. I suggest you CPMServe. One try our network then you feel good. Happy ending.

    2. Now i am part of cpmserve network. Last month i have earn little amount but in this present month my traffic quality is good and rates also good. My one day earning is minimum $3 dollars. I hope i will increase and earn good money with cpmserve network.

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