Zhakkas review : online advertising network

Zhakkas review

Zhakkas is an online advertising network headquartered in India. The commission type is CPC/CPM. According to them publishers get paid for every valid click. They always try to serve best price ads. After signing up as a publisher Zhakkas review your site to check if it fits to run ad campaigns. There are a wide range of advertising categories from arts to entertainment.

zhakkas review

Requirements to join Zhakkas advertising network

  • Sites must not host objectionable content like Spamming, hacking, adult etc to join Zhakkas.
  • PTC or autosurf sites are not accepted by this ad network.
  • This network doesn’t allow multiple accounts of publishers. So make sure that you don’t have any existing account before applying.
  • Sending fake traffic to your site is a serious offense. Your account may get banned and earnings will be withheld.

Ad format

The ad types of this network are Display, Video, Text and Mobile. Under display format we have 728×90, 468×80, 300×250, 120×600 and 160×600 sizes. Publishers can use maximum 4 ads on a page.


The publishers get paid on Net 10 basis. The payment options are Neteller, Payoneer and Wire Transfer. the threshold amount is $10. Indians are get paid via direct bank transfer.

Pros of Zhakkas advertising network

  • Publishers have full control on the ads. They can customize attributes like color and sizes.
  • Being a publisher you can filter certain unwanted ads.
  • Reporting system
  • Net 10 payment schedule

Cons of Zhakkas advertising network

  • Negative reviews everywhere
  • High threshold payout
  • Low performance for Asian traffic.
  • Banned publishers can’t create account again. It’s similar to Adsense where you get banned for lifetime.


  • Publishers must not click on their own ads or encourage others to click them.
  • You will get banned if you send traffic via bots/iframe/spiders.

Final conclusion of Zhakkas advertising network

In despite of having some negative reviews about this network, publishers must once experience it. There is nothing to lose as joining is free. It works well for European and US traffic. Sites having maximum Asian traffic must stay away from this network as its performance is low. Hope this Zhakkas review help publishers to get started.

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  1. I have a website and i have account in Zhakkas. But I don’t know how to use. Waiting for your reply.

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